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“Private Security Camera System Incentive Program – Cameras that Qualify?”

by Prince Of Petworth March 8, 2016 at 2:00 pm 21 Comments

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Private Security Camera System Incentive Program – Cameras that Qualify?

“Has anyone figured out what brands of cameras meet all the specifications for the Private Security Camera System Incentive Program? I’m having a hard time translating all the requirements when researching different camera options. We’ve had several packages stolen and are in one of the priority PSAs so we’re exploring options for cameras and home security systems. Thanks!”

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  • Jill

    Does anyone know if the rebate can also cover installation costs?

    • I got an ARLO system. Its wireless and easy to setup with multiple cameras. It also comes with 7 days of free cloud storage. The only downside it the battery life. You may have to change them every could of months depending on usage. I’m still waiting to hear back about my rebate but its only been a couple weeks.

      • 11luke

        Same. Went with the Arlo and submitted my application for reimbursement yesterday. I think it said it took up to 45 days to process the reimbursement so we’ll see how it plays out

        • Keith

          I would love to get the ARLO but technically it does not meet the minimum resolution they laid out in the regulations. Has anyone gotten confirmation that these conform?

          • BrooklandJ

            Yes. I emailed folks in charge of the program; they said they have revised the specs in light of the fact that the specs eliminate almost all cameras for thr consumer market. They told me specifically that Arlo does qualify under the revised specs.

      • Nathan

        Also went with the Arlo for our small condo unit. Hoping it goes through the rebate, but if not it wasn’t too expensive and worth having the piece of mind. Installed a camera in the rear of our building over the weekend very easily, just trying to decide where to install the front facing camera now.

      • aa

        Please let us know if they let Arlo qualify since according to Arlo and the DC minimum requirements –Arlo doesn’t qualify (but it’s the one I want the most!)

        • BrooklandJ

          I’ve been told Arlo qualifies under revised specs as per my note above.

          • JiffyPop

            I’ve been told the same thing, here is their response:

            “Thanks for your e-mail. We have modified the specs and the Arlo will meet our requirements. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.”

  • K

    This is a timely question. I was asking the same thing around my office last week. For those of us who aren’t tech savy I’d appreciate any recommendations for compliant cameras. Especially on the more affordable end of the spectrum.

  • Anonymouse
  • jmarkman

    I haven’t gotten my check yet, but after an email conversation with the folks running it, it seems that my ADT-installed camera qualifies. The only issue was getting a receipt showing the cost, and they ultimately accepted the one showing what I paid for the whole package (which did not include an itemized cost for the camera, but was WELL over $200 for the whole thing).

  • Adam on Hanover

    I exchanged emails with one of the Mayor’s ward liaisons, who confirmed to me that the Ring doorbell camera qualifies for the rebate, so long as you can provide proof that you signed up for the $30/year (or $3/month) cloud video storage plan. You need the storage plan so that you can download and provide video to the police upon request.

    • TImebomb

      Great. That answers my primary question (which was about how/if cloud storage meets the storage requirements). I’ve been a happy Ring user for a long time and recently purchased a new Ring stick-up cam within the qualifying window.

    • pru

      I wonder, if I get a 2nd Ring for the backdoor, does the cloud storage plan double to $60/year? Would the rebate work for 2?

  • CAR

    Wow – very timely question. I reached out to the Private Security Camera Program Office this week. I inquired about the eligibility of a Nest Camera since we utilize that system in our house for central air and was hoping to utilize the same platform. The person told me that we could if it was used outside with the weatherproof casing (which would not be reimbursed). I see someone has already posted the office’s contact information. I highly recommend reaching out as they were very helpful.

    • HIll Easter

      I love my Nest camera, but I am unaware of an outdoor case you can use. Mine is inside (facing out) and is thus not eligible for the rebate.

  • dat

    I assume no dice if we previously installed a camera system (even it meets the tech requirements) — is that accurate? And if so, even if we now agree to register/provide footage if requested?

    • jmarkman

      I believe anything installed after September 15, 2015 qualifies.

      • jonah

        “The camera system must have been purchased and installed on the property after September 22, 2015 and before all available funds are expended.” (from the link up thread)

  • Greetings. I am very excited to see this discussion about the camera program. My name is Christopher Dyer and I am the administrator of this program. I do want to confirm that If you have specific questions about the eligibility of a specific camera system or the program itself, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]. Also, please note that camera systems that were purchased after September 22, 2015 are eligible for the program.

    All general information about the program can be found at Information on the program is available online: http://ovsjg.dc.gov/service/private-security-camera-system-incentive-program and we always enjoy phone calls at (202) 727-5124. I also personally enjoy community meetings so please reach out if you would like someone from our office to attend one of your community meetings.

    Again, thanks for the interest in the program.



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