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GDoN “That wrap around couch & huge dining table you’ve been wanting won’t even fill it!” edition

by Prince Of Petworth March 8, 2016 at 12:30 pm 11 Comments

3302 9th Street Northeast

This unit is located at 3302 9th Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“1600 sq ft of unprecedented new construction in the most perfect Brookland location. 2 BLOCKS FROM BROOKLAND METRO, only 2-3 blocks from literally everything in Brookland–Monroe, 12th Street, Right Proper, Brookland’s Finest, Pint, Filter, MBT Trail. 3 huge bedrooms–master has double vanities, walk in closest. That wrap around couch & huge dining table you’ve been wanting won’t even fill it!”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $619,900 ($162 monthly fee.)

  • That’s awfully presumptive. How do you know which couch and table I’ve been wanting?

    • +1. Plus, from the ad copy, it sounds like I’m wanting to put said couch & dining table in the master bedroom, which is a bit odd.

      Also, that “3 huge bedrooms” is a stretch, considering one of them can’t seem to fit more than a twin bed.


    This little development totally blows my mind…it is literally immediately next to the train/metro tracks. They are attached to an absolutely hideous building that seems to be empty…not quite sure what it is. Point being – buyer beware

  • jumpingjack

    It’s already under contract (per Redfin), so someone thought it was a good deal.
    Looks like it backs onto the Metro and train tracks.

  • A

    “Unprecedented new construction?” Is that the developer speak for “who the hell would build there?” As in “it’s rustic” (that is, dilapidated); it’s not small, it’s “cozy;” the place is well-lit, which apparently means it’s got windows or light bulbs sockets, or sometimes both. Anyway, with the couch being the main feature, I’m sure it’ll be snapped up by someone in need of a huge couch quickly.

    • TinkerTaylor

      Or someone with out of town guest who really need a couch and had their AirBnB fall through.

      • IDontGetIt

        Lol +1000

  • j

    I’ve toured these places a few weeks ago. They did a good job of insulating out the train noise while inside the unit. The noise is still noticeable, but definitely muffled. I would point out that the “yard” in the back in the drawings is really half parking lot and half grass.

  • DCjoe

    The first lower level units were listed at $600K and sold quickly. They probably feel pretty confident in this $620K price. The buildings appear to be nicely constructed, but there is no outdoor space other than the parking lot, which is basically a driveway and parallel parking spots.

    • Stacys

      The upper level units all have a roof deck with some nice view of the Shrine.

    • picksteve

      I toured both units and I can say that they are decently constructed, not nicely. The moldings and trims are basic 1 x 4 pine. When I asked the listing agent if the still to be finished units could have custom finishes, she said no. When I asked why they used such basic Home Depot lumber as moldings, she said it’s what you get for $380/sq ft. You could also see the poor attention to detail with the painting. Felt like the contractors were rushing the project.


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