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GDoN “Priced for quick response” edition (reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth March 4, 2016 at 12:35 pm 18 Comments


This house is located at 7500 Eastern Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“All brick townhouse with 3 full levels and enclosed porch on corner lot with alley. Priced for quick response.”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $399,900.

  • petworther

    This is right by todays revisited house, but further from the metro and needs a lot of work. Given that one sold for 445 I think 375 or 350 is a more appropriate price for this one.

    • HaileUnlikely

      This house is 1.6 miles from the revisited house (100 Tuckerman St NW) and is 0.6 miles from the Takoma Metro. The revisited house is 1.0 miles from the metro.

    • HaileUnlikely

      FWIW I think you’re probably about right RE $375K, though. One around the corner referenced below (same style, similar condition, sold for $390K) was listed for $400K (I think) and sat for a few months before selling.

      • stacksp

        Might be one of those situations where you put 399k out there to see what offers come in. Anything close to your bottom number you take. It may walk for 375k

        • HaileUnlikely

          This is a foreclosure and is now owned by the bank. I suspect you are correct that they will settle for less than the asking price if they get something more or less in the ballpark.
          On another note, I feel bad for the previous owner. Not only was it foreclosed, but they had tried unsuccessfully to sell a year ago. The house was under contract for $380K for a bit, then relisted, then delisted, then foreclosed.

  • anon

    What truly horrible photos – hard to get a sense of the layout of the house.

    Likely won’t matter that the agent was lazy, as there are a lot of potential buyers looking for houses at this price point in DC.

  • Anon

    I wouldn’t want to live here personally, but it’s a great location close to the metro. I would seriously consider this as an investment rental.

  • jim_ed

    Actually a pretty good deal considering Douglas is going to put a brand new building with a Harris Teeter in it at Georgia and Eastern, which should encourage development between there and downtown SS. Could end up being an absolute steal if you’re patient.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Agreed. I live 2 blocks from here. I’m hoping the Harris Teeter actually materializes – I’ve been hearing about it for years but have seen no action (not for property value reasons – not planning to sell in the foreseeable future – just want a better grocery store than Piney Branch Safeway within walking distance). This is also only about 5 blocks from the northeast corner of Walter Reed.
      I think this is probably priced about right. A very similar home (same style, similar condition) went for $390K several months ago, right around the corner, less than one full block away.
      Also, this is a foreclosure. I wonder if agents are generally sloppier with their photos when dealing with foreclosures. My house was also a foreclosure and had some of the absolute worst photos I have ever seen in a real-estate listing, arguably rivaling those of the hoarder house posted a couple weeks ago.

    • Doc

      I had heard the Harris Teeter project fell through because there was a problem with the the adjacent building (which shares a wall with the easternmost part of existing building which would have to be demo’d)

      • HaileUnlikely

        Bummer. How recently was that? Douglas presented to the ANC in September, and as of then it was still on, just waaay far behind schedule. Is this news more recent than that?

      • quincy dude

        This is inaccurate. True that they couldn’t buy the Terra Nova building, which was part of their original plan. Their new plan builds around it, with frontage on GA Ave, Kalmia, and Eastern. Plans are at the Zoning Commission now. Still some community opposition issues related to the planned entry on Kalmia – the city has a traffic study in work. I live in the community and am very supportive of the project (as are many MANY other non-NIMBY types). It’ll be a huge deal for Shepherd Park.

  • stacksp

    Essentially the same layout of the previous home that was posted earlier, pre-flip. Buyer will have the opportunity to upgrade on their budget and timeline room by room. Maybe even kick that fence down pre-settlement lol.

  • jdegg

    What’s up with the blue tape in the bathrooms?

    • stacksp

      Property has been winterized I am guessing

  • exiledinarlington

    It amuses me that that there is an address on “Eastern Avenue” that is in NW. But I guess that’s because North Capital Street doesn’t intersect the top point of DC.

    • Jill

      Glad I’m not the only one who was wondering how something on Eastern Ave could be in NW!

    • logandude

      Yeah, the center of the 10 mile by 10 mile square that originally defined DC (before the retrocession of the Virginia side) is located on the grounds of the Organisation of American States headquarters, near 17th St and Constitution Ave NW. So even if you went up 16th St NW from the White House, you’d still run into Eastern Ave. Which is to say that NW covers a lot more territory than either NE or SE (even after a portion was given back to Virginia).


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