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GDoN “Outdoor ‘Catwalk’ from kitchen to 2nd floor deck” edition (reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth March 30, 2016 at 12:25 pm 24 Comments

324 e

This house is located at 324 E Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“EXCEPTIONAL HIGH-END ONE OF A KIND RENOVATION! Main level offers open floor plan. Perfect for entertaining. Outdoor ‘Catwalk’ from kitchen to 2nd floor deck. Pergola & Hot tub. Enjoy no stress parking in your 2 car garage w/private enclosed Charleston style courtyard. Master inc. rooftop deck with unbelievable city~scapes. See Tru~place interactive virtual tour & full list of property amenities.”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $2,300,000.

  • Formerly ParkViewRes

    Oh wow, I love it! Very nice renovation. That hot tub looks amazing. Just a tad bit above my budget though, haha.

  • LedroitTigah

    I saw this one on redfin and thought it seemed like it was worth every friggin penny…

  • anon capitol hill

    I love everything about it! If only I had a spare trust fund…

  • ctk

    For $2.3M I hope Right Said Fred blares from a speaker whenever someone steps onto the catwalk.

    • Anon


      Thanks, that made me laugh out loud

  • petworther

    This is sort of the Crate and Barrel of houses. It’s perfect for a WASPy member of congress or something. Yeah, everything is tasteful and probably well made, but personally for 2.3M I would want a house with a bit more character.

  • Anonymous

    The wood paneled library is gorgeous. In a Charleston-style courtyard I would expect to see tabby (not just brick pavers), a charming little fountain, and a joggling board.

    • Hill east

      +1 on the Joggling board.

    • CoHi

      +1. And a bearded lumbersexual mixing up fresh pimento cheese for your guests.

      • anongardener

        ha ha, exactly!!
        the new Garden & Gun cookbook has 4 (four) recipes for pimento cheese.

  • pokerface

    Gorgeous. But if I had that kind of a change jingling in my pocket I would probably spend it in Cleveland Park or Kalorama on something less attached to others and with a little bit of grass. Great eye on the reno though.

  • anonymous

    I just look at that backyard and get envious. Every time I think about doing something cool to my backyard I talk myself out of it based on how bad people talk about DCRA and the permitting process. This leads me to ask- with some of the new zoning laws passed- do R-4 have by right to build a garage/carriage house where a parking pad currently exists?

    • derp derp

      My understanding is yes. Will be interesting to see if more of those pop up.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think so. The garage would need to conform to the allowable FAR limit for your lot. If your house already has a pop-back, you’d probably be screwed. I imagine this house was grandfathered in. This looks to be easily 75-80% lot coverage.

  • LedroitTigah

    This house reminds me that I would be curious to know who in DC is capable of putting together such a masterful library. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good contractor/woodworker with those skills?

    • TinkerTaylor

      We used Jed Dinger for a window seat/reading nook with integrated bookshelves. If I’d had room for a full library, I’d absolutely have had him do that as well. His work was high quality and very reasonable.

      • LedroitTigah

        Wonderful tip – thanks so much!

  • anon

    I do not get the hot tub at all

  • All those updates but the exterior looks so zzzzzzzz….

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    I like the place but I don’t think it’s a remotely good deal at all for $2.3 million. To be honest, I don’t totally understand this pricing. With that sort of budget you could buy a $1.5 million townhome (of which there are plenty!) put HALF A MILLION of upgrades into it that you pick 100% yourself (which is a lot of upgrades!), and still save money compared to this place.

    • neighbord

      I have no idea if this is worth 2.3M, but very few people want to manage a 500k renovation project.

  • Sydney P

    Love the bacterial sink on the roof, and definitely need to keep my two out-of-state registered cars parked inside, in that remote part of DC.

  • textdoc

    The kitchen looks a bit ho-hum for a property this expensive. I thought maybe it was a kitchen for an in-law suite, or something, but it’s the only kitchen in the photos.


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