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GDoN “Magazine kitchen” edition

by Prince Of Petworth March 3, 2016 at 12:30 pm 46 Comments

610 Upshur Street Northwest

This house is located at 610 Upshur Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“OPEN SAT 3/5 & SUN 3/6, 2-4PM! Beautifully renovated rare detached 4BR/3.5BA home in the heart of Petworth. Classic hardwoods, high ceilings, molding, huge windows & rich natural light throughout. Magazine kitchen, breakfast bar overlook living/dining rm w/FP; sep FR. Spacious Master suite w/WIC, spa bath &balcony access. Serene spaces: 2 balconies, front porch, patio. Near Metro, dining, & shops.”


You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $725,000.

  • petworther

    I saw this when the listing went up, it’s a very nice renovation. I have to imagine this will go well above listing. I’m thinking closer to 800. At 725 it would be a fantastic deal.

    • JS

      In case anyone rediscovers this thread, the final sales price of this house was $103K over asking – just closed at $828K.

  • anonymous

    Just because they put those stupid sinks in I’ll pass…..Plus I don’t like the master bedroom sharing a wall with the other bedroom.

    • Tony

      Agreed. Those stupid salad bowl sinks are just horrid. I thought people stopped installing those a few years ago. They are just so awful.

      • textdoc

        IDGI! Vessel sink alert!!

  • mmm

    priced for a bidding war! Looks nice, esp the ground floor.

  • transplanted

    My first impulse was that it’s priced too low, but the strangeness of the house shape (and corresponding room shapes) will put off some buyers. That trapezoidal bedroom is just flat-out odd. Gorgeous finishes (excepting the two-vessel sink bathroom that looks like it was made primarily out of plexiglass), and a great location, so they may still get above list.

    • petworther

      With all the identical layout row houses in DC I think the opposite is actually true: a lot of people appreciate a unique floor plan. This place also has tons of windows which is hard to find.

      • transplanted

        Compared to a rowhouse, sure it’s more unique and has more windows. But this is a SFH, so I’m not sure that’s the correct comparison. Single family homes usually have tons of windows (take it from me, we just had to replace all of ours :( ), and more variation in floor plans. But there’s a buyer for every house, and like I said, this is a great location.

        • petworther

          Have you seen it? This is more like a row house that just happens to be on a strangely shaped plot.

          • transplanted

            I have seen it, but not been inside since the renovation. I’m not sure what you mean, honestly. It’s certainly on a block with row houses, but it’s a standalone and it’s significantly larger than the row houses on the block. I guess if the buyer was only looking on that street then row houses would be a fair comparison, if that’s your angle? But I don’t think that’s how anyone shops for a home.

          • soozles

            I’m not sure I agree that it’s significantly larger than standard rowhouses. It has a wide front, but gets pretty narrow toward the back. And I’m sure the 2300 sq ft they quote includes the basement. The bedrooms aren’t that large.

          • transplanted

            @soozles I went to Zillow and checked it against its two nearest neighbors (across the alley) to make sure I wasn’t getting caught up in the optical illusion of the broad front wall, and the listed sq footage (above grade) is more than 300 sq ft larger. So add in the basement and you’ve got 900 more square feet than the rowhouses on the block. I stand by the significantly larger descriptor.

          • transplanted

            ^Sorry, brain glitch. Almost 500 sq ft, not 900!

        • textdoc

          Rowhouses are SFHs too. (People sometimes use the term “SFH” as though it’s interchangeable with “fully detached SFH.”)

          • transplanted

            Sure, but you knew how I was using it and responded in kind, so I’m still not sure what you mean. Your point is still that it’s basically a row house, because … ?

            And many of the rowhouses on that block are actually *not* SFHs, so this seems like a fruitless detour.

          • textdoc

            It’s not a rowhouse; it’s a fully detached house.
            Rowhouses and fully detached houses are both considered to be SFHs. [end of pedantic point]
            I’d disagree with Petworther’s statement that it’s “more like a rowhouse on a strangely shaped plot.” The plot shape definitely _is_ strange, and it’s too bad that it (apparently?) rules out off-street parking… but it’s a fully detached house with lots of windows, albeit on a somewhat smallish lot relative to the house size.

          • textdoc

            Er, other than (obviously) rowhouses that have been converted into multiple units, either rental units or condos.

          • soozles

            another downside, IMHO, is that it sits RIGHT ON THE ALLEY. Yes, you are correct, there is no room for a parking space back there.

          • neighbor

            So there’s really no need to devolve into a semantic argument about what constitutes a row house. But it’s an interesting historical and legal point and I happen to be technically correct.
            I get the obvious semantic argument that it’s not in a row of houses and therefore not a row house. But DC law defines a row dwelling ( the technical legal term, as opposed to semi-detached or detached) in terms of the side yards. Two side yards = detached, one side yard = semi-detached, no side yards = row dwelling. This house has no side yards (it abuts the property line on both sides) and therefore is legally a row dwelling. Indeed that’s quite important because a detached house in R-4 is restricted to 40% lot occupancy, so you pretty much couldn’t have a detached house on this lot.
            So legally it is clearly a row dwelling and you could say that’s just a technical definition, but architecturally it most closely resembles a row house. Aside from abutting the property lines, it has a flat roof and is in the row house style. The appeal is having many of the best features of row houses and detached houses.

          • soozles

            ^^^interersting factoids. Who knew? Thanks for posting.

  • Llama

    As some have said above, I thought this was priced lower to create a bidding war. I’d have to imagine it will go for at least 800,000. The shapes of some of the rooms is a bit odd, but I like the job they did. Great location too.

  • wdc

    I hate it when columns don’t line up with the thing they’re supporting. Is this difficult? Finding columns that are four inches smaller?? It looks so sloppy.
    The cheap flippers working on my block did this with the front porch columns, and it will annoy me every day for the next 15 years til the next reno. (assuming it lasts 15 years.)

    • HaileUnlikely

      I completely agree with this. If it was in the basement I wouldn’t care, but in the living room, come on.

    • dunning-kruger

      Had they done more shoring they could probably have made that a flush beam and had the columns reach the ceiling it is pretty stupid looking as is, not hard to block out that bulkhead and make it fill the space after the fact though.

  • JS

    Bidding war-inducing pricing. Final price will be well over $800K.

  • HaileUnlikely

    I wonder how much of this was done a while ago vs. recently. House last sold in 2009. Many permits were pulled and inspections performed in 2013, and then another round of them clearly leading up to this listing.

    • textdoc

      Petworth News posted an article yesterday about this house — it was renovated by owners who bought it in 2009.

    • petworthian

      The owners are my neighbors. They did the vast majority of the work about 4 years ago and have lived in it since. The basement is very recent.

    • Rufus

      I can’t believe how many permits they pulled! For things like replacing the beadboard in the bathroom and a bunch of other minor stuff like that! That is some serious money the owners are plunking down for permit fees on things they could probably get away with without DCRA being the wiser. Very by-the-book, which suggests the owners took a lot of care with the renovation.

      Anyway, I live around the corner from this house and I always thought this place had such great curb appeal. The reno looks tasteful too. I think it will go for more than asking.

    • soozles

      I remember looking at this house in early 2009. It was really a pit then. I think the asking was in the 300s. I was interested, but wanted more yard. I sorta liked the awkward room shapes, but realized it just needed too much work. It really was a pit.

      i think this reno is nice, and while I normally abhor open floor plans, I think this one kinda works. I may check it out this weekend just for kicks.

      • petworther

        +1 On the open floor plan. I like how it’s mostly open, but still broken up just slightly. You get the space benefits of the open floor plan, but can have things going on in different rooms.

  • Anon

    Oh man, I have serious window envy now. I think it’s a lovely renovation, good location, and absolutely priced for a bidding war.

  • Overall pretty well done.

  • MtP

    I am 100% certain this will go for over $800, if not closer to 900. Anything under 800 is a STEAL, even with the somewhat weird rooms. The renovation looks nice and this is a prime location near the new development and short walk to the metro. Would love to get an update when this sells.

  • OP Anon

    I really love this house. Great flow on the first floor and the finishes are wonderful. I think the trapezoidal rooms are awesome! It matches the odd shape of the lot line. I also like the no-maintenance back deck.
    I have serious envy.

    • d

      Agree – the renovations look like they were done with care (columns aside) and are in very good taste. Location is about as good as it gets in Petworth. If I were in the market, I’d probably offer up to 800k for this, but I’m sure someone out there will offer more.

  • dat

    Agreed that it seems under-priced. I was thinking maybe the lack of a yard and parking, but I still think it will go for considerably more than list.

  • anon7

    So are there two units in the building? I am a little confused.

    • Formerly ParkViewRes

      No, it’s a detached home.

    • textdoc

      From the front it looks wide enough to be a pair of semidetached houses, but if you go to the very last photo in the listing, there’s a floorplan that shows how the house is trapezoidal in shape — the back of the house is about half the width of the front.

  • stacksp

    A nicely remodeled detached SFH with outdoor seating and personal parking thats over 2,000 sq ft. Wont be on the market long. Offers are probably coming in already. Should be pending shortly. Someone paid $750k for a 2br condo on Morton St recently so this will definitely go fast

    • Formerly ParkViewRes

      Actually, they paid 759k! I still cannot believe it. Yeah, I don’t see how this house could sell for less than 800k and wouldn’t be surprised to see it go for way more than that.

    • neighbor

      Legally speaking not a detached home, but otherwise yes.

  • Teddy

    The layout is unique but the lot size really is very small because you are shoehorned into the space between the other houses and the alley. I think it is beautiful but the lack of parking may scare some people away, Upshur is a very busy street to be unloading groceries or kids. Most houses in this price range have at least a small yard and a parking pad in the rear. Note to listing agents, I really appreciate when you include a floor plan with the listing.

    • AMDCer

      Agree about including a floor plan with listings, particularly for listings with photos with no furniture in the rooms.


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