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From the Forum – “OpenTable fans beware – my account was hacked!”

by Prince Of Petworth March 17, 2016 at 2:00 pm 2 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Harry

OpenTable fans beware – my account was hacked!

“For those of you who use OpenTable, keep an eye on your account. Mine was hacked and someone redeemed 10,000 points. I received an email about a week ago saying my account was updated with a new email address (which I did not recognize). I could no longer log in to my account on my computer to check. I still able to access my OT app, which had yet a DIFFERENT unknown email address associated with it. I changed it back to my own and I reported it to OT. They said they were looking into it and they will restore my account balance. (Although it’s been a week and still nothing more than that.)

So look out for suspicious activity on your account and credit cards for those of you who use the OT app to pay. This is exactly why I did not sign up for that option!”

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  • Ben

    Either two things happened OP:

    Either you use one of these passwords: http://gizmodo.com/the-25-most-popular-passwords-of-2015-were-all-such-id-1753591514 and should change it

    Or your password was compromised on another less secure website/message forum etc. If that’s the case I’d switch all passwords on sites that use the same one. Best of luck OP. I dealt with the same when someone hacked Sony PS Network and they used it to compromise my gmail account.

  • sproc

    That sucks. I’ve never used OT to pay and they certainly don’t have my CC info, but it is nice to redeem the points from time to time. Since it’s got no payment info and I couldn’t really care less about who sees my restaurant history, it’s got one of my easy passwords that never gets changed. I guess it would be a shame to loose those points. Seems like there’s much simpler ways and places to steal, though.


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