• transplanted

    That’s a good enough deal to be suspicious, even after you take into account the fugly interior. Teardowns in that area go for 200K above that asking price.

    • JS

      I pulled some past sales in Redfin and it looks like renovated houses on lower Sherman are going for around 700K. Considering it could easily cost 200K to renovate this place, I don’t think the list price is that far out of line. That’s assuming it goes for 500K, which I don’t think is that likely.
      It looks like some structural work’s been done in the basement (new joists), so I’d probably pay an engineer to take a look at the building before submitting an offer.

      • Ann

        This looks very liveable, which is what so many people on here say they wish they could find: a $500K, upgrade-at-your-own-pace property. I know people who would buy this in a heartbeat if they thought they had a chance at $500K. Heck, a full gut job in Trinidad just went for $535K last month.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I agree with you, however, I suspect this will sell for a lot more than that.

        • HaileUnlikely

          p.s. I went to an open house in Brightwood (near Piney Branch Safeway) on the weekend. It was about the same size as this, and was in considerably worse shape than this appears to be. It was listed for $477K, and the listing agent told me that they had already received multiple offers for more than $500K in the < 12 hours on the market. (I would rather live there than here, but I recognize that is a minority opinion on this blog and that values tend to be waaay higher in the location of today's subject house than up in Brightwood.)

    • textdoc

      Teardowns on Sherman Avenue are going for $700,000? Really??
      I can see that being true further west in Columbia Heights, and maybe for a three-stories-plus-basement house. But for a two-story at Sherman and Girard??

      • JS

        3018 Sherman is a pop-up two unit and that went for 1.16 million a couple blocks away. 700K might be high, but it’s easy to see how a developer could turn this into two units that have combined gross sales prices of around, say 1.3 million.

        • textdoc

          Not sure if this house has Historic Landmark designation, but if it does, that would probably prevent it from being turned into a pop-up.

          • JS

            According to the Street Address Index of DC Historic sites (http://planning.dc.gov/node/957942) it is not landmarked, so pop away.
            However, I wouldn’t put it past some third party to apply for landmark status now that the house is up for redevelopment. Something similar was attempted at 451 Park Rd. and a few houses on Grant Circle (prior to the historic district designation).

      • northshaw

        If you are talking teardowns on lowest part of Sherman I think were acquired by Howard to be part of a development project. They will literally be torn down and a 200-300 apartments going on that parcel. So they got premium pricing.

      • transplanted

        I said in that area, not “on Sherman Avenue.” And yes, a block west on 11th is “in that area.”

  • none

    Since I know nothing about real estate, how much does the Duke Ellington connection change the value of the home?

    • Anon

      Unless there are some historic designation – related issues, I’d wager pretty close to zilch. This house is going to a developer to flip at max return, who will inevitably make passing mention of this fact at time of sale, but I can’t imagine it would make much of a difference to the eventual buyer. I mean, he lived there for all of 3 years – is there any other historicity involved with this time span? I don’t know, but I kind of doubt it.

      • IDontGetIt

        How many houses in DC did this guy live in? Seems like a lot.

        • saf

          A lot. His family rented, so they moved regularly.

    • Because it makes people like me really, really want it. As a swing dancer and huge fan of his work I would love to live in his house.

      • DC_KT

        Agree, I’d fix it up and make it really awesome and then be able to say I live in the Duke’s house. Pretty cool. (Not that I have the money to buy it or fix it up, but if I did…) I used to brag about just living in Bix Beiderbecke’s old neighborhood when I lived in Sunnyside Queens. Yes, I’m under 70, why do you ask?

  • SilverSpringGal

    That is suspiciously under-budget even noting that it needs to be completely renovated.

  • Anonomnom

    I feel like this is quite a stretch of the word “Remarkable”

  • palisades

    I hear Duke composed his best songs on the john in that creepy basement bathroom

    • madmonk28

      Nothing to add except that Ellington’s In a Sentimental Mood is sublime and it looks like I owe you a beer at Nats Park (our Pablebon bet).

      • palisades

        Don’t think I didn’t forget about that. I go to about 40 games a year (mostly weekdays) so just let me know when you’re going and we can meet up. I’ll obviously buy you a beer too for not running away from an imaginary internet bet.

        adamssc90 at gmail.com

        • madmonk28

          Sounds good, I’m divvying up my half season plan with my friend this week, then I’ll know which games I’ll be at. I’ll definitely be there for the home opener if you’ll be there. Beer of your choice at the local beer kiosk (Sec. 134ish?). I’ll drop you an email.


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