• Josh

    I want.

    (the dogs, not the car – not my style)

  • Richard

    Looks like it’s a Morris Minor. Can anyone verify?

  • NorthbyNE

    Yeah. That’s a Morris Minor convertible. If the grille is original to the car then is should be a post-1954 Series II.

  • BP in DC

    What a lovely old Moggie, a bit older and it’d still have the semaphores in the jamb.

  • Epic Fail

    This would be a Morris Minor 1000 from sometime post 1960 (before 1961 the semaphore indicators were standard, however in 1961 they changed over to traditional front mounted flashing indicators).
    The convertible model is very desirable, along with the wood paneled Traveler edition, however even these Minors never commanded much in the way of price. This nice looking example is probably only worth around $10k or so, but it’s a fun car to own and that’s what’s important.


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