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GDoN “transformed into a chic, architectural work of art” edition

by Prince Of Petworth February 11, 2016 at 12:30 pm 36 Comments


This house is located at 1516 Kingman Place, Northwest. The listing says:

“After 1+yr of renov. this 3BR/3.5BA Logan rowhouse has been transformed into a chic, architectural work of art thats nearly twice its orig. size (approx. 2800 SF). Highlights inc European Oak floor thru main & upper lvl w/16ft planks in the Kit & Fam Rm, custom millwork, a glass & steel Nanawall system separating Kit from large deck & MBR ste w/spa bath & dressing rm. 2 car prkg. OPEN SAT/SUN 1-4!”

1516 Kingman Place Northwest

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $1,895,000.


  • SilverSpringGal

    The nanawall is interesting. Anyone know how well those hold together over the years?

    • Bob

      An architect I know said that they hold up just fine. I looked into installing a set of them. But, wow, they are expensive!!! I think it was about $1000 per linear foot for the door alone (i.e., without installation costs).

  • Formerly ParkViewRes

    Wow, I love most of this home and I generally don’t love super modern homes. It’s my dream to have doors that open to a back deck like that one day! it’s in Logan Circle and 2800 SF so yeah I think it’s a good deal.

  • Ann

    Does Logan Circle not have mosquitoes?! I’d be able to use those doors for about a week in April and that’s it.

    • Anon

      That’s my thought as well – the time frame to actually use these fancy windows must be really small. I wouldn’t spend 20-25k for this feature personally, but then again I’m not in the market for a $2m house.

    • anonymous

      We’re looking to install one of these in our remodel, and there is a built-in screen to make it more useful. You can see where it’s hidden on the left side. Definitely a splurge, but I love the idea of creating an indoor/outdoor space.

      • Caleb

        Yeah, my parents have one on their beach house and it really is amazing how it transforms a space. When they talked about installing one, I remember the “bug” discussion really well and the screen really does well to keep out as many as any screen door would with people coming in and out.

  • jcm

    Oh wow this is amazing. If I happen upon a spare $1.8M I’d much rather have this than yesterday’s big house in trendy Forest Hills.

    • DC_boy

      Forest Hills is probably one of the least trendy neighborhoods in DC

      • jcm

        You mean to say that realtor yesterday fibbed? Shocking.

        • textdoc

          I still maintain that it was thesaurus abuse/misuse. Either that or the agent wasn’t familiar with D.C. and didn’t realize that although many favorable things could be said about Forest Hills, “trendy” is not among them.
          (That’s assuming one views “trendy” as a favorable description.)

  • GBinCH

    This house makes me sad that I didn’t win the lottery a few weeks ago. I love it, especially the kitchen.

    • I was gonna tag this “powerball house” :)

    • 1Percent

      If I had won over $500MM, I wouldn’t live in a $2MM house

      • GBinCH

        While I sort of share the same opinion, I would probably go out and buy a whole bunch of houses, rather than one really big one. $2m is perfect for my DC pied-a-terre. I’ve got to save money for the ski lodge, NYC loft, beach house, mega-yacht, island, etc.

  • I Dont Get It

    Joining others in that I love this house. Kingman Place is one of my favorite streets in DC and with this house–WOW!

  • jumpingjack

    Love love love this house (and the current furniture), except for the kitchen – that’s a kitchen for someone who doesn’t cook. The ridged walls on the stairs are interesting looking but seem like it’d be a full-time job keeping them dust-free.

    • textdoc

      “The ridged walls on the stairs are interesting looking but seem like it’d be a full-time job keeping them dust-free” — Plus that was a rather trippy-looking photo. Hoping that was an optical effect and the experience isn’t like that in real life.

      • Anon

        That “trippiness” is just a function of the ultra-wide lens used to take that shot. That, or acid. I don’t know what you’re seeing, exactly. ;-)

  • shadesofpale

    I like it!

  • petworther

    Not sure to put this, but can we get a GDoN on this house (even though it’s technically in Silver Spring):

    • jumpingjack

      OMG, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. A “private paradise”? Someone has a sense of humor.
      It’s basically a challenging and dangerous tear-down. At $650k it seems aggressively priced. Though the agent comments suggest it was a totally different house five months ago. Something’s up here.

    • textdoc

      Wow. That’s some serious hoarding. I feel kind of sad for whoever lived there.
      I almost wonder if someone hacked the listing and spite-posted those photos. The photos show a place so crowded that you can’t really see the interior; it would’ve been better off with no interior photos at all.
      The real estate agent must be out of her mind to list the place without bringing in a company to clean it out first.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I wish I could show the photos for my house, but that would require either a whole lot of effort or else disclosing my address, which I’d prefer not to do. (A really good sleuth could figure it out, and that is fine, but I’m not going to actively post it.) Although what is now my house was vacant and empty in the photos, they were arguably as bad or worse (dog poop–I think [and hope!] it was from a dog anyway–clearly visible on carpet and walls, close-ups of holes in drywall, etc). I think it probably scared away the vast majority of potential buyers, which is probably the only reason I was able to afford it…

    • textdoc

      I see now, hidden at the end of the description: “photos are outdated.” Good God, with photos like that you’re actively discouraging potential buyers — why on earth haven’t they posted updated ones, or at least deleted all the interior shots??

      • Anon

        Probably because they don’t want to waste their time fielding questions from folks who may think of it as a potential fixer-upper project as it seems to be a complete tear-down.

        • textdoc

          How can you even tell if it’s a complete teardown? It’s hard to see much of anything. There appears to be a little bit of ceiling water damage and some water damage near the heater — sure, that means serious work, but doesn’t mean the whole house need to be torn down.

          • textdoc

            Oops… “needs to be,” not “need to be.”

          • Anon

            There’s a photo of the exterior… you think anyone willing/able to spend $650k on a house has the slightest desire to upgrade that delapidated shack? I can’t imagine that there’s anything worth saving. You’re paying for the large lot and location. (No clue if the price is worth it there, but I have a hunch it keeps dropping further.)

      • jumpingjack

        Look at the Tour Insights on the page – mentions of granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. I wonder if the listing was hacked and those photos put in.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Either that or good old fashioned incompetence, i.e., somebody either forgot to update the photos or attempted to do so but prematurely exited the realtor software without saving…

    • transplanted

      That’s a great deal! Look at all the extra stuff that comes with the house!

  • asdf

    this is very nicely done. i especially like how they chose wavy paneling for the stairway area rather than just leaving it as drywall

  • B

    This house was on the Logan Circle house tour in December. It is over-the-top stunning. My favorite that day. While I find prices like this crazy (note: I live in Logan, and these crazy prices only increase my value :)) – I actually think it is in line with other houses and high-end condos in the area. I wish I could afford it! :)

  • Anonymous

    Less pricey alternative 437 Ridge St NW?

    • HaileUnlikely

      Tough call. I’m not within a large multiple of being able to afford either one, but if I were to buy a house that screams “Look at meeee!” anywhere, I don’t think Ridge St is where I’d do it.


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