GDoN “suspended Fire Place” edition

by Prince Of Petworth February 23, 2016 at 12:35 pm 25 Comments


This house is located at 2212 12th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“BROKER’S OPEN 2/23, 12-2pm! Traditional 3BR/2.5 row house in bustling U-Street Corridor. Drenched in natural light, this home is perfect for entertaining, featuring a classic living room w/ suspended FP, formal dining room & a gourmet KIT w/ grand archway that flows directly into the family room. The private back yard allows for al fresco dining, and a view of all that U Street has to offer.”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $789,999.

  • LittleBluePenguin

    I really hate that fireplace, it looks so tacky.

    • AnonV2

      That’s some really lame carpentry, especially that one in the corner, It doesn’t look like it was even finished, just plywood slapped on the framing and painted. These are not suspended fireplaces either (that weird one jutting into the room is just double-sided). An actual suspended teardrop fireplace would have been cool!

  • SilverSpringGal

    I’m not sure that’s what ‘suspended fireplace’ means. More like ‘corner fireplace that takes up too much space’.

    • I Dont Get It

      Yeah I thought it meant the fireplace was hanging from the ceiling which would be awesome after a few cocktails!

      Does anyone else think this house is underpriced?

  • Kingman Park

    At the risk of sounding like an idiot, what’s that roller thing on the end of the kitchen island?

    • CHGal

      You can see in one of the later pictures, it’s a support for the extension of the island, if you need more space to work on. I like it.

      Also, love, Love, LOVE this block (and 12 1/2 street). Just adorable streets.

      • Kingman Park

        No I don’t think that’s right. The roller thing is on the refrigerator side of the island, the extension of the island is on the opposite side.

        • CHGal

          I guess I should have looked more closely!

          • Kingman Park

            A for effort!

    • textdoc

      I think it’s not an actual island, just a movable cart. (Which says to me, “This kitchen probably should’ve had an island,” if the occupants found themselves needing additional counter and/or storage space.)

      • dcd

        What is says to me is that the kitchen needs an island, but it’s small enough that you don’t want something permanent, so this cart is the happy medium.

      • petworther

        I actually prefer a temporary island vs. a permanent one in most cases. The exception would be very large islands with one or more appliances built in the island itself.
        No appliances? No island.

    • textdoc

      I think it’s actually a towel rack — it doesn’t match the gateleg-type support you see under the dropleaf that’s in use.

      • Emmaleigh504

        It looks like the island has wheels so towel rack/handle to move the island into position.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Nice use of arches to break up the space.

  • hungeegirl

    Yes, based on my recent house hunting/searching, this is a very good deal and will go for FAR over asking in less than a week.

  • petworther

    Good deal, it would be going for a lot more if the reno weren’t so shoddy.

  • kpg

    My first thought was that this does seem to be priced on the low side.

  • textdoc

    Ir rook me a while to figure out that there was a living room in the front and a family room in the back, each with its own fireplace. (I didn’t read the description and went straight to the photos.)
    I don’t like that fireplace that juts out from the wall.

  • anonymous

    The extra living space in the back of the kitchen makes this a great deal. It’s so nice to have two separate living spaces (one living room and one family/tv room on my main floor).

  • Rufus

    Good deal. That is a lot of space for a house in this area and the bedrooms are not too cramped. The reno is meh, but a bit of paint and new light fixtures would go a long way. The front fireplace is weird, but I sort of like how it breaks up the space for sitting and dining. Will probably go much higher than asking.

  • Guillermo Brown

    Can anyone who lives in this style rowhouse comment on their first floor arrangement of rooms? Seems like putting the kitchen in the middle makes the living space at the entrance feel really cramped, like one of those tiny Georgetown row houses. This one looks much narrower than I thought from the street view. I agree though that’s it a good deal for the neighborhood and will probably go above asking

    • textdoc

      I don’t live in a rowhouse of this style, but my guess is that the kitchen is in the location it’s been for decades, and they expanded the house by putting an addition in back and used the first-floor portion as a family room.
      I agree that it’s somewhat surprising that whoever did the addition would choose to have a living room and a family room.

    • anonymous

      Im not following what you mean putting the kitchen in the middle. There’s a living room and a separate dining room space at the front entrance before you get to the kitchen. You’re probably mistaken the family room in the back as the living room- but it’s actually the back of the house.

    • JC

      My group of friends rent a rowhouse in shaw whose owners kept the original floorplan. Their house has a vestibule with a set of outer and inner doors, a sitting room or I guess what would have been a library/office at the front of the house. There are double doors into the center room that they use as the main living area. The kitchen is in the back of the house with a very large center island and a door to the back yard. They don’t have a separate dining space.


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