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GDoN ” Clean, modern finishes” edition

by Prince Of Petworth February 1, 2016 at 12:40 pm 21 Comments


This house is located at 3114 Warder Street. Northwest. The listing says:

“Come see what Park View has to offer! Newly renovated 2-Level, 2BR/DEN 2 Bath home with external storage unit. Clean, modern finishes with quartz countertops and hardwood floors. Easy access to DC USA, TWO Metro Stations (Columbia Heights and Petworth stops), Howard U, and U Street corridor. Roof Deck with incredible views.”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $629,900 ($288 monthly fee.)

  • Formerly ParkViewRes

    I would say it’s not a great deal, but this morning I saw this condo in PV sold for 759k! https://www.redfin.com/DC/Washington/747-Morton-St-NW-20010/unit-2/home/102069488 (I believe this was also a former GDoN)
    This Warder Street condo is only a little bit smaller and looks pretty nice. It also has a roof deck according to the description, but I don’t see one in the photos?

  • petworther

    Love the look of the pop-up and the bold exterior colors. Not a huge fan of those floors. Cool condo overall, although 629 is a lot of green beans for a two bedroom in Parkview.

  • petworther

    Also… this needs some updating, but you can get an entire house in decent shape a block away for $519k. A lot better use of your money I’m guessing.

    • petworther
      • Formerly ParkViewRes

        That’s always my thought too! But these condo conversions are selling so I guess people feel otherwise?

        • HaileUnlikely

          Totally different markets. I suspect hardly anybody is actively deliberating between a flip (condo conversion or otherwise) vs. an unrenovated house. I hope an owner-occupant and not a developer buys that house, though now that prices have escalated to the extent that they have, it’s a different ballgame than it was a few years ago, as buying for over $500K and budgeting for renovations is very different from buying for $250K and budgeting for renovations.

          • Formerly ParkViewRes

            Well, this is EXACTLY what we were looking for. We wanted a house we could make our own (ie fixer upper), but we were also willing to buy a condo. I cannot imagine buying a condo in Park View for 629k right now, but apparently a lot of people are.

      • stacksp

        I would much rather have something like this which is cheaper and most importantly not a condo with condo fees. I grew up on Rock Creek and Warder and couldnt imagine paying 600k+ for a condo over there.


        The house on Morton St is on the backside of 640 or Lorton Morton as it was called when I was growing. Couldnt pay 700 for that either personally

      • textdoc

        Petworther, thanks for the link to 641 Irving. That one would definitely need a fair amount of work… but it has “good bones.”
        Like HaileUnlikely, I hope it goes to an owner-occupant.

        • petworther

          Yeah, it needs some work but that’s a fantastic deal. You could get that house looking amazing for the 110k difference between it’s price and the condo price.
          Frankly I’m a little surprised it’s listed under 550. I bet it will sell well over listing.

  • textdoc

    I maintain that pop-up condo conversions like these are driving prices up at a rate faster than they would otherwise be increasing. A few years ago, you could get an entire rowhouse in Park View for less than $600K. Now a condo is more than that??
    I am also amazed (and not in a good way) that another condo in the neighborhood recently sold for close to $850K. https://www.redfin.com/DC/Washington/730-Quebec-Pl-NW-20010/unit-2/home/101690662

    • anonymous

      majority of times- you are getting more square footage in these conversions, than what the original structure would have provided. So either you’d have to do a full renovation plus addition(which would drive the overall costs up) or can just buy these units. can’t say the same that you get more square footage if you were to buy a 2bedroom in one of the larger condo buildings. You’re getting almost double the square footage that those units offer.

    • petworther

      Overall market demand is driving prices, not zoning laws. If zoning did not allow condo conversion, all those people with money buying condos would be looking at houses, driving up the cost of houses even further. Increased density does bring new residents who are typically higher income into the neighborhood at a faster rate, but it doesn’t displace anyone any faster (unless they are responding to price incentives by selling).
      Look at San Francisco if you want an example for the results of maintaining current density in the face of heavy demand.

      • Tony

        SF’s overly rigid zoning and current housing situation is a complete failure and should serve as a warning for all cities. Density is good. If you don’t like density, move to Vienna, VA.

  • Rufus

    It would be a good deal if the price included parking (but it doesn’t look like it does). Even still, I don’t see a lot of private roof deck units under $650k.

    • textdoc

      Yeah, I wouldn’t want to pay that much for a condo unit with no parking.

  • anon

    dormers and roof projections look like a robot, or a badly drawn robot-like monster

  • Not Surprised

    I don’t get all of the surprise about the price. Park View is very convenient and walkable. The new developments around the 9:30 club are in walking distance, so this property will soon have a Whole Foods in walking distance. Don’t sleep on ParkView.

    • textdoc

      I live in Park View and am a fan of the neighborhood… but I wouldn’t claim that it’s “walkable” to the 9:30 Club. It might be in terms of distance (at least from the southern end of Park View)… but the stretch of Georgia Avenue between Gresham and Barry (Howard University on one side, Banneker Rec Center on the other) doesn’t have much foot traffic, and I wouldn’t want to walk it by myself at night.
      Maybe that will change as the area gets more development.

      • Anon

        I walk from Park View to 9:30/Dodge City at least once a month (more in the summer, because summer). It is a super quick bike ride for times that I’m not with friends.

        • Anon

          (but I also don’t walk Georgia Ave)


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