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  • DRC

    Surprisingly, I’ve seen quite a few of those near the CoHi area. Mostly 2 door, but I’ve seen another 4 door different from this one.

  • Petworth_dude

    I technically found this in Park View, DC. I also had a tough time figuring out the year – the Land Rover Defender only made very minor exterior changes between 1983 and 2015 – however, the Country edition seemed to have a limited run, and 1992 was the best year I could nail down. This one had the steering wheel on the right-hand side with a manual transmission, so kudos to whoever has the guts to drive this. I would be very apprehensive about driving stick with my non-dominant hand.

    • The OP Anon

      As a left hander, I do this all the time. You become accustomed to it pretty easily.

  • Luke

    Glad the fed decided not to impound and destroy this one! A lot of these were taken off the street because they were illegally imported and if it’s a right-hand drive there’s a pretty high probability it was. A beautiful Defender though, and how can you not love that early 90’s font?

    • Philippe Lecheval

      True. If this is really a 1992 model, I’m not sure how they’ve managed to register it legally. Then again, it appears to be registered in DC, where anything is po$$ible.

      • Petworth_dude

        Could be older than 1992 – if it was older than 25 years, the car would be considered a classic and it would be considerably easier to import.

  • Captain Obvious

    Good for those Bloomingdale floods, what with the ground clearance and the snorkel — put your 24 pack of Charmin on the roof rack and go!

  • CwjCP

    This is older than 1992, you can tell by the galvanized door and rear tub capping (silver below the side windows). Also known as rover chrome.

    More likely mid-1980s.

  • Jay

    Yeah definitely NOT a 90’s Defender. It is most likely a 1984/85 Land Rover 110 equipped with a 2.5NA diesel engine. RHD are not illegal per se. As mentioned previously, if it is 25 years or older it is much easier to import into the U.S.


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