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GDoN “overlooking Crispus Attucks Park” edition

by Prince Of Petworth January 5, 2016 at 12:35 pm 29 Comments


This house is located at 72 V Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Rarely available legal 2 unit row-home in the heart of Bloomingdale. Main level has panoramic windows, tray ceiling detail & elegant kitchen. Each of the 4 bedrooms feature custom closet systems & the master suite offers monument views and two skylights. Deck & 2-car parking overlooking Crispus Attucks Park. Finished one bed, one bath apartment ready for immediate rental income.”


You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/4.5 bath is going for $975,000.

  • petworther

    Wow. Those finishes are so bad I’m wondering if the flipper is some how angry at prospective buyers. These appear to be “spite finishes” installed to remind the buyer how they paid a fortune for a poorly remodeled house.

    • Anon

      These weren’t done by a flipper, but by the longtime owners. Had this house been “flipped”, it would likely be already under contract for 1.2+

      • petworther

        I guess that explains it? Either way the finishes look super tacky for a 975k house. I can only imagine that most prospective buyers are considering a complete remodel.

        • Anon

          Precisely why this is still on the market. No one wants a mediocre “has-been” for a million dollars.

    • Nathan

      Last sold in 2004 so many of these updates may be by the homeowner.

    • DM

      Which sums up why flippers go generic: offend as few potential buyers as possible.

  • anonymous

    This is just another example of how small some of these rowhomes are. The living room doesn’t even look like it can accommodate a sizeable couch and chairs that would be a please to get comfortable. Open floor plan would have worked better in this situation.

  • Shelley

    Are the last two photos the rental unit? The contrast between those and the rest of the house is…stark.

  • Truxton Thomas

    Would love to live on Crispus Attucks Park. Seems like a good value with the rental income. Obviously the last three interior photos are of the basement apartment.

  • textdoc

    Not down with the columns — either the mini-columns in the featured photo, or the full-length ones visible in the complete set of photos.
    That’s likely to be one dark basement — the front of the house faces north, and whatever light might have come in from the back is going to be completely blocked by the deck.

  • I’m curious why they didn’t paint the banister the same color the whole way down…especially given the white painted columns off the living room.

  • jdegg

    It looks good to me. And it looks as though the homeowner did the improvements to the house. Any could be easily changed by the next owner.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    $975k might well be market rate for that neighborhood, but unless that park contains some sort of special magical powers, I think it’s a completely insane price to pay for a house at that location.

    • INDC

      With a name like Crispus Attucks how could it not have special magical powers

  • LedroitTigah

    Hmm – 3 stories in the main house + basement — all at just over 2,300 sq ft? either each floor is super small, or the sizing is off on the listing. The place lacks character, but could be improved by the right owner…

    • Anon

      Square footage excludes the basement, and the third story is essentially just the master suite that runs ~half of the floor plan. 2,300 seems about right, actually. The downside is that the owner pretty much can’t expand this space up or back, which helps explain why this house has been on the market for as long as it has.

      • LedroitTigah

        Interesting – though they make such a big deal out of the basement being ‘legal’ and rental ready. Shouldn’t the basement sq ft be included if the basement were legal?

        And wasn’t the house just listed?

        • Anon

          Basements should not be counted in the “official” square footage, regardless of whether the basement is legally metered as a separate rental space, though it’s all just semantics to be honest. You can be sure that the basement is included in the price, regardless of whether or not it’s counted in the “official” sqft number. This house has been on the market for about two months now – not sure about “this” particular listing.

          • LedroitTigah

            Ahhh, got it – thanks! Had no idea it had been on market for so long. Will be curious to see how much it goes for.

      • jyoung11

        Anon, Why can’t it be expanded up or back? It is a big lot and many of the neighboring houses have expanded back…

    • textdoc

      They’re probably counting only the above-grade (i.e., non-basement) square footage.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I’m pretty sure the stated square footage does not include the basement. All of these houses are roughly 800 square feet on each floor.

  • soozles

    A most unfortunate remuddling. The painted wood next to the natural wood and the gray kitchen flooring running into the natural oak floor in the next room is awful. And then to finish it off with cheap, cheap, cheap closet doors and shower doors, well, yikes. It’ll be interesting to see what they get.

  • lmfb

    Seems about right–yes the finishes are blah, but it’s a bigish house, and on the park. Haven’t been inside but seems like you could brush it up to your liking pretty easily.

  • Shaw resident

    Huh. We’re in the market for a house like that, and could stand the finishes for a while, but for us it’s the proximity to North Cap. St that scares us away.

    • neighbor

      we live on that block, and there is nothing that should scare you about north capitol st…what exactly are you concerned about?
      it is a great block, btw, and the park is a really great amenity

      • Shaw resident

        Thanks for the response. I guess the main issue with N. Cap. is that it’s a large very busy street with cars speeding, a rush hour thoroughfare to/from Maryland, a lot of traffic noise and exhaust, all within 6 or 7 houses of this house.

        • neighbor

          that house is much closer to the 1st street side of the block than on north capitol. i suppose that if you lived very close to or right on north capitol, you might hear it/sense the exhaust, but living in the middle of the block (closer to N cap than this house), I don’t get any of it.
          Also, V street is not a through street across N Cap (the road is low as it begins to drop under an underpass), so that probably mitigates some of the issues.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I live about as far from Georgia Avenue as this house is from North Capitol and I generally agree with your assessment. I wouldn’t want to be the first house on the block right at the corner with Georgia, but where I am I can experience as much or as little or Georgia Ave as I want to.


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