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From the Forum – “My neighbor’s cat was mauled by them and had to be put down. These are dangerous dogs”

by Prince Of Petworth January 20, 2016 at 2:05 pm 16 Comments

Looking for the owner of 2 lg dogs – Queen and King

“If anyone knows the owners of the 2 large dogs (a mixed shepherd and tan/white pit bull) that were roaming in Crestwood yesterday, please let me know. My neighbor’s cat was mauled by them and had to be put down. These are dangerous dogs. Their names are Queen and King. This time the victim was a cat – next time it could be a small child.

Thank you!”

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  • transplanted

    I feel like I’m missing something. How do you know the dogs’ names if you don’t know the owners? The only other way I can think of is if they’ve already been caught/picked up by the Humane Society and they had names on their tags, but in that case why is there a warning about the “next time”?

    • K

      People interact with dogs and thus know dog names and not owner names. Most dog owners will admit this. Anyone who’s ever been to a dog park probably knows the names of the other dogs but couldn’t even pick the owners face out of a lineup.

      • transplanted

        I’m a dog owner and I definitely recognize dogs before owners but don’t know the names of any dogs that I couldn’t give at least a rough description of the owners, and 80% of the time could give the name. Either way, if these dogs are interacting with enough people that the poster knows their names, I still think the “your child could be next!” bit was unnecessarily sensationalizing. It’s enough that they killed a cat. There’s no need to try to create Public Enemies Number 1 & 2 out of them.

        • neighbor

          Sadly it’s more the owner’s fault than the dog’s. While the dogs will likely suffer for this, only irresponsible owners beget this behavior. People like this should be banned from owning pets.

        • textdoc

          “It’s enough that they killed a cat.” I can’t remember, but I think D.C.’s criteria for what constitutes a “dangerous dog” might make distinctions between a dog that has attacked humans and a dog that has attacked other animals.

          • transplanted

            Maybe that is how the law is written, but that’s beside the point. If the poster was bothered about DC code, they wouldn’t have written “dangerous dogs” about dogs that haven’t attacked people. They’re clearly trying to ramp up the drama to convince people to provide information about the dogs’ owners, and for this audience, it’s enough that they killed a cat. If someone has that information they’re not going to keep it to themselves until they get to the “they’re going to kill a baby” fearmongering. It’s just unnecessary.

          • textdoc

            Transplanted, I generally agree with you. Maybe the OP was trying to appeal to readers who might not be all that bothered about a cat but _would_ be bothered about a child.

        • Wrong. Not “sorry you’re wrong” – just plain. YOU are WRONG! If dogs are running loose enough to kill a cat they will also kill a child. Full stop. Owner, training, breeding etc. is completely irrelevant. Any living thing that moves is prey. Cat or child. No dog should be loose to roam and kill.

  • Ally

    I’m so sorry to hear about your neighbor’s cat! I don’t ever understand why people let their animals roam wild. Hoping that, if they find the dogs, they can somehow keep them contained without putting them down. Not their fault their owner is an idiot.

    • AngelaGirken

      Same could be said of many DC teens and their parents.

  • emily

    roaming as in not on a leash? or were they in their yard?

  • neighbor

    Are they from the neighborhood or escaped? I see people walking their dogs off leash in this part of RCP pretty often. Maybe someone could talk to the rangers about patrolling and issuing tickets?
    The other day I saw a middle aged white guy with his teenage son and two dogs, both of which were over 50 yards and out of his sight. It might be him?

  • textdoc
  • anon

    Not to condone the owners letting their dogs run loose, but mauling a cat doesn’t mean the dogs are dangerous. It’s a prey drive – different dogs have different drives. Some will be obsessed with fetching, while others will be obsessed with hunting (and killing) prey. I have a German shepherd/husky mix and he is obsessed with hunting small animals. He’s killed a few at parks, but it’s rare that he can catch them. That said, my friends kids sit on his head and he doesn’t move. He will put up with anything people do to him without the slightest sign of aggression. I’m just posting this to make the point that a large dog’s aggression towards a cat, or other small animal, doesn’t make them a danger.

    • Garfield

      Not a danger? Speak for yourself.

    • ThatGirl

      ^^^Thank you for saying this. Chasing and killing small animals as prey is not a prelude to mauling small children-it’s and inborn/natural instinct (which was btw was desirable when dogs were bred to work for humans). If the dogs had mauled a squirrel no one would have batted an eye. As the owner of two cats I hold the cat that was attacked’s owners equally accountable for the death of their cat, my cats don’t go outside because its dangerous for cats to be outside…foxes, coyotes, raccoons, other cats, cars , hawks and other birds of prey are just some of the many dangers they may encounter. While its unfortunate for the cat o have fallen victim to the two dogs they aren’t necessarily dangerous to humans because they are doing what cones naturally, hunting and catching prey.


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