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GDoN “four wood burning fireplaces w/beautiful mantles” edition

by Prince Of Petworth December 28, 2015 at 12:35 pm 18 Comments


This house is located at 614 R Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Brand New English Basement! Separately heated and cooled, state of art surround sound & tons of recessed lighting. Beautiful hardwood flrs all over, all bathrooms renovated with heated flooring, floating vanities, jetted tubs & more. Renovated kitchen and four wood burning fireplaces w/beautiful mantles. New Energy Efficient Windows to be installed. Attic has sitting area. Roof-Top Deck.”


You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/3 bath is going for $1,075,000.

  • textdoc

    Another staircase with no railings?? I don’t get it.

    • anon

      looks like it’s in the english basement on the internal staircase. since that staircase won’t get much use by a renter, it probably makes it feel more open by leaving the railing off.

      • textdoc

        It might make it feel more open, but I think it’s against code. And that doesn’t look like a staircase that’s original to the house — I believe existing staircases would be grandfathered, but if you put in a new staircase, it’s supposed to conform to code.

        • anon

          it’s the jaywalking of the housing code. i’d take it off after the inspectors swung by if it were my english basement.

        • I Dont Get It

          I would not be comfortable going down that!

          • Anon

            That’s what she said!

          • I Dont Get It


          • textdoc


  • asdf

    realtor should be forced to provide better pictures for the commission on a $1 million sale. tile is of home depot quality and the exposed brick doesn’t fit with the colonial finishes. but they’re right that the basement is recently redone.

    • I Dont Get It

      Haha one of the back splashes I also have and it IS from Home Depot.

  • I Dont Get It

    There is something odd about the ceiling in one of the kitchen pictures. Is it the angle? It looks like the ceiling is sloping?

  • HaileUnlikely

    It appears that most of the renovations were done by the current owner, as the current owner has owned this house since 2005. Only permits on record were for foundation underpinning (glad they got a permit for that!) and supplemental plumbing and electrical; only inspection was of the underpinning (passed – good!). While I am generally more accepting of unpermitted minor renovations by owner occupants, it is evident that they did quite a bit more than minor work, and thus would like to see permits and inspections.

    • textdoc

      I was wondering the same thing as to whether the work done had exceeded the scope of the permits, given that staircase.

  • shaw resident

    Technically it’s on R Street, but it’s 20 feet away from a very busy street (RI Ave), so basically there are 6 lanes of traffic right outside your front door. :(

    • Truxtoner

      I agree with this, except that also means it’s very close to the Metro, which likely means it’ll sell for close to this. Maybe under a million when said and done, but with the space, it would not surprise me if they get close to asking.

  • Becca

    Paying over $1 million to live underground? Am I missing something? I understand it has 5br (which I don’t really get if it’s just one floor of a row house and 1,700 square feet, unless all rooms are tiny), but still…

    • textdoc

      It’s the entire house — see the photos. The wording in the listing is poorly done and makes it sound like it’s advertising an English basement rather than the house itself.

      • Becca

        Ah okay, that makes more sense. The pictures don’t show a ton of windows, so that’s probably why it wasn’t clear from the photos either. Agreed with the person above that the real estate agent should be able to provide better pictures.


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