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GDoN “A Grand Dame that has been restored to perfection” edition

by Prince Of Petworth December 23, 2015 at 12:40 pm 25 Comments


This house is located at 1314 Farragut Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Another winner by ORACLE BUILDERS! A Grand Dame that has been restored to perfection – HW Floors, Porcelanosa BAs, Gourmet S/S Appliances & granite Kit., Custom Wood Doors, High Ceilings, Pella Casement Windows,Off-Street Parking for 2 Cars, 6 BRs, 4.5 Custom BAs, Master BR Suite. FOUR levels of luxurious living. Sited on a 7000 sq foot lot.”


You can see more photos here.

This 6 bed/4.5 bath is going for $1,500,000.

  • Petworth

    Does “restored” encompass being totally gutted, having the floor plan changed, and having the original features replaced with modern ones? Genuine question, I always thought “restored” meant period-appropriate remodeling.

    • exiledinarlington

      Helpful hint: if it’s under $1 mil, then it’s “flipped”; if it’s over $1 mil, then it’s “restored.”

    • nevermindtheend

      Ugh, no. Gutting it and removing all of the walls is basically the opposite of restoring. This is just stupid marketing speak.

    • Dan


      Photos won’t load, so I have no verdict on the GDoN.

      • restroyer

        +1000000000000 on coinage of “restroyer”. Exactly what this is and my exact thoughts when I saw this were, “Restoration? Are you kidding?”

  • CoHi

    I actually love open floor plans, but when you create one out of a house that once had many separate rooms for cooking, dining, and entertaining, you can’t really call it a restoration. Pretty house, but seems to a have lost a bunch of its charm.

  • petworther

    This is over-built for the neighborhood.
    And while I see the point of the open floor plan in a small row house, but when your main floor is this big wouldn’t you rather have rooms?

  • Quotia Zelda

    Those windows are a nightmare.

  • Wait wait wait… $1.5 million???
    I’ve often driven by the houses in that area and thought they looked elegant and grand… but does $1.5M actually square with the comps??
    Just from looking at the photo of the exterior and the photo of the open dining room/living room, I agree with others that this house doesn’t exactly count as “restored” — more like “redone,” with a whole lot of distinctly current touches that I suspect will look dated with time.

  • Definitely NOT restored: gutted and given a modern charmectomy. Might be nice quality — who knows from pictures — but $1.5m is bonkers for that neighborhood.

  • AMDCer

    Yup – this was renovated, not restored. Damn shame, too.

  • If you’re going to paint every room in the house grey at least use a few different shades so it’s more easily discernible when the photos shift from one room to the next.

    • I don’t think the paint is the problem — more that all of the staging furniture looks similar.

      • I took another look at the photos.

        The problem isn’t that all of the staging furniture looks similar (although it does); it’s that only the master bedroom is staged with furniture, and there are a ton of photos of the master bedroom.
        None of the other bedrooms are staged. If there were one or more readily identifiable items in each bedroom (potted plant, rug, wall art, etc.), it would be easier to figure out which room is which.

        • Yeah, for $1.5M you better show me how well a bed fits in the room.

  • arthurc110

    Gorgeous house. Staged really well. I didn’t look at the price on purpose and won’t. This will be my dream house if only…

  • Colhi

    Maybe it’s me but does anyone ever use a sitting room in a master bedroom? It looks pretty but doesn’t ever seem like something that most people would use.

    • JoDa

      It looks like the master doesn’t have significant closet space. In this case (and if that is the case), the sitting area looks like it could have been turned into a dressing room and made much more useful.
      As to your actual question: the only people I know who have sitting rooms and use them have roommates (renting something grand and old or overbought with family in mind down the road and rent extra bedrooms for now). This house doesn’t scream roommates, but who knows…

  • gotryit

    I live in the neighborhood, and I think that price is nuts. That said, I think it’s a great house. Convenient for a family with kids too.

  • anonymous

    That backyard though….Hope they put in a sprinkler system or else that grass gonna get eaten up by the summer heat…I love it though.

  • Not again :(

    This is such a shame – minimal if any regard for the original character of the home, with “graywashed” everything that will have everyone rolling their eyes in a year when this trend passes. I’ve been through other “restoration” open houses from companies like these… They all look the same and I’ve found so many mistakes in the installations, which are not thoughtfully done. Perhaps this one is different in the quality, but from the pics I’m not optimistic.

    • Another winner from Oracle Builders!

    • JoDa

      The gray trend leaves me in a weird limbo. I do think people will get sick of it. But I LOVE gray paint. Love it, love it, love it (I have colorful accessories in the living room, and my thought is “if I want to redecorate, it’s cheaper and easier to buy some new pillows and rugs, or even new furniture, than re-do more permanent stuff”). If I bought right now, I wouldn’t have to lift a finger. When I sell, I’m going to have to paint (both my place and a new place) because everyone will be sick of gray. :(

  • WOW

    It last sold in June 2015 for $665K. 6 months later it’s going for $1.5M. WOW

    • HaileUnlikely

      Don’t worry – it won’t. No way in heck. It was originally listed for $699k and sat for a while before it sold for $665k, and judging by the photos, it appeared to be in well above average condition then. I actually liked it much better before than I do now. I can imagine a buyer being willing to pay perhaps $200k for the updates made since then, but if they couldn’t get $700k back in June, I sincerely doubt it’ll go for much more than perhaps $950k now. I don’t imagine it will appraise for anywhere near enough for somebody to finance this price, *even if they put 20% ($300k) down*


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