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GDoN “million dollar+ homes on the block” edition

by Prince Of Petworth November 23, 2015 at 12:40 pm 22 Comments


This house is located at 621 6th Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Open and bright Victorian, three finished levels, three bedrooms, 2 and half bath, rear patio, large kitchen with black granite breakfast bar, white cabinets, SS appliances, beautiful pine floors, huge master bedroom, huge walk in closet, huge master bath, skylight, tankless WH, Just a few blocks to metro, union station, H St., shopping, restaurants. Great value million dollar+ homes on the block”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $795,777.

  • K

    I think I need someone to explain this house to me. Their is so much going on. The bathroom has like 4 different types and styles of tile. That kitchen. Those columns. Beautiful individual pieces that add up to one odd house.

    • That bathroom just shattered my eyeballs.

  • Anonoline

    I thought it looked pretty good (minus the vertigo-inducing tile and backsplash choices), but I hate the living room/entryway. They should have just left the wall up.
    Also, would it really have been that hard to bag those leaves?

  • anonymous

    Million dollars homes are street is right, but I still don’t understand how the house across the street from this one is under contract at over 1.3mil. That’s just insane.

    • Anonoline

      I think there’s been a surge ever since the Trader Joe’s announcement. I live nearby and my Zestimate has been increasing by about $4000 a week.

      • Anonymous

        This is in NE not SE so not near the trader joe’s. Of course it’s two blocks from the new Whole Foods so that may be what you mean.

        • Anonoline

          I consider it near… anyway it was just a theory. The announcement seemed to correlate with a larger-than-usual increase in housing prices. Usually this time of year prices plateau, not shoot up.

          • It’s a mile. Not near or far, maybe not the best walk with grocery bags, but super easy bike ride or bus up 8th.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think I’ve seen such a poorly laid out kitchen in a long time. And it’s one of those that I think isn’t noticeable at first until you really try to cook in it. A two bedroom with a partially finished basement and no yard/only a patio? 800k seems like a good deal

    • Caroline

      I consider that a yard. My front and back yards are bricked over, and I consider that a good thing. I can do everything I can with a grass yard but not have to worry about trying to get the grass to grow.

      • Or mowing. Mowing a tiny yard is worse than a big one.

  • Underpriced. Will be 850-900 at close and will be under contract soon for sure. This is like 2 blocks from the Whole Foods @ Apollo.

    • SF

      ^spot on. No way this goes for asking.

  • Planner

    Sunken living room – how can you go wrong with that?

    • JoDa

      My ability to trip over anything (and nothing) would make that room lethal for me…

  • Caroline

    Weird but underpriced.

    • +1, I’m willing to be that the house itself is worth enough for any sensible buyer to overlook the oddities.

      • Caroline

        My house is weird in different ways, which is why it cost less than the other houses on the block. As long as the weirdness is something you can tolerate (like I don’t mind climbing lots of stairs or having the kitchen in the basement) or can be easily changed (like a lot of the design choices here) a house like this can be a smart buy.

  • Seeker

    Bizarre house but Whole Foods will be in sight of the doorstep (almost), and in building that and the Apollo complex the Murry’s was razed, as was H St Storage. Both were eyesores, and Murry’s attracted loiterers.

    The neighborhood is still frankly dangerous but has the most credible upside when the criminals are moved on.

    House will close for $939K.

  • anon

    priced ok, but that’s really a 2 BR upstairs and 1 in basement. Agree with others on curious design choices but it’s still very livable and finished fwiw. The $1 mil plus homes on this block are real 3BRs and up, which this is not

  • Ryan

    Nice layout upstairs, however, the commentary indicates only one bathroom upstairs which is awkward with guests using your master bath. Additionally, it’s hard to tell the height of the basement ceilings. Overall, under priced by about $50-$80k. I’d say it could escalate all the way up to $899k.

    • Anon

      Friend of mine was there yesterday for the open house. A guy was almost hitting his head on the basement ceiling. Upstairs bathroom is jack and jill style (linking two bedrooms).


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