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Special Tree Permitting Shenanigans?

“I need to have a giant tree taken down on my property, and I’ve gone through the steps on TOPS to get the Special Tree Permit to have it removed. The DC Code says that you need to either:

A) pay $35 per inch of circumference of the tree that’s coming down;
B) aver that you will plant saplings sufficient to equal or exceed the circumference of the removed tree; or
C) a combination of A) and B) to equal the circumference of the removed tree.

However, the TOPS website and personnel when you call say that “planting will not be permitted” and you have to pay. I said “that’s not what it says in the DC Code,” and she said “yeah, someone needs to change that.” Is it possible they don’t understand how laws work? The Code is the law, how can they decide not to follow it? I’m going to reach out to my Council Member, but has anyone else encountered this? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.”

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