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From the Forum – Dogs looking for a new home

by Prince Of Petworth November 24, 2015 at 2:10 pm 7 Comments


Dogs looking for a new home

“Posting this on behalf of a coworker who had to leave the country and could not take her dogs with her. The dogs are currently at the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center.

A description of each dog from the owner:

Artie is a 110 lb Boerboel, rescued from a dump where he was abandoned in South Africa. He is 3.5 years old. He’s neutered. He is intelligent and needs to be challenged. He can fetch, stay, sit, shake. Likes to sit at my feet. He’ll follow me around the house. He’s loyal and protective.

Penny is a sweet, docile dog who provides excellent companionship. She will come lay by you if you are working on another room in your home. She reminds me of a deer, or antelope, because she kind of lopes, or bounces up and down when she is happy. She enjoys walks. She keeps to herself, doesn’t pick on the other dogs. She likes to be brushed and have her belly rubbed. She would enjoy sleeping on your bed. If you don’t like dogs on the bed, she’d be happy to stay by you on a blanket next to the bed.”

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  • DCDuchess

    Oh no! These are obviously 2 loved and cared for rescue dogs. It will be hard to keep them together…what a shame

    • KSamps

      Yeah, it doesn’t look like they listed them as a bonded pair (assuming they are), which is unfortunate. Unsuccessfully suppressing my judgment even though I know everyone’s circumstances are different.

  • If they were rescue dogs, the rescue group will take them back and help place them. (And technically, when you sign an adoption contract, you promise to return the animals to the rescue in case you can no longer care for them.)

  • NCC

    They’re not on their listings yet- the Boerboel is gorgeous. What a sad situation.

    • KSamps

      Penny is up but Artie isn’t. Not sure why but was hoping they’d be posted together. So sad.

      • NCC

        sometimes, when the dog shows aggression, they put them down immediately, I think. Hoping that’s not the case here, and that they will put him up soon.


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