From the Forum – best spots for an “iconic DC” group photo?

by Prince Of Petworth November 10, 2015 at 2:10 pm 14 Comments

group photo
Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.

best spots for an “iconic DC” group photo?

“Are there recommendations for the best spots for an “iconic DC” group photo (about 6 people)? White House seems like a good option, but I have a whole lot of WH shots that look more like pictures of a fence.”

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  • Becky

    It’s hard to beat the bottom of the Lincoln Memorial steps facing the Capitol, with the reflecting pool in the middle ground and the Washington Monument looming large. That’s where our foreign exchange students went to get pre-prom photos taken during the golden hour, and they turned out as iconic DC as it gets.

  • palisades

    Squad photo sippin maddogs with bums in front of 7/11

    • Anonamom


  • real maria

    In the lap of Albert Einstein.

    • LP

      +1 I was just going to post this!

  • MarkQ

    The wall at Meridian Hill, facing the Washington Monument?

  • Some Citizen

    One interesting spot is the bridge over N. Capital at NY Ave. You get a pretty grand view down that road with the Capital in the background.

    • anon

      And you’ll probably get mugged or be a victim of an errant bullet from a drive-by there.

      • Some Citizen

        What is more authentic DC then getting mugged or shot?

  • stcohi

    The historic “palace” at the Southeast corner of Florida and Connecticut. DC landmark.

    • textdoc

      Wait… isn’t that the “gentlemen’s club”?

      • Some Citizen

        A closed “gentleman’s club”.

  • pjl35

    …if you stand away from the White House, like at the edge of Lafayette Square, you can avoid the “picture of a fence” issue and get both the group and the White House in the picture. At the right angle, you can also get the Washington Monument looming behind the WH.

  • John

    There are frequently groups having their iconic photos done at the Grant Memorial on the west side of the Capital.


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