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From the Forum – Any free coin machines out there?

by Prince Of Petworth November 13, 2015 at 2:10 pm 11 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Josh Bassett

Any free coin machines out there?

“If you use the gift card function on Coinstar, it does not take out a percentage. There are numerous options–I usually pick Amazon or Starbucks–and you’ll get either a card or receipt with a code. Of course this is only an option if you plan to spend your cash in these places.”

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  • Truxton Thomas

    Coin machines at banks are generally free for accountholders.

  • Anonv2

    PNC used to have several in the district that were free to account holders, but they pulled them all last year. I think they still have them way out in the suburbs. My sense is that these things break down ALL the time, and are a pain to deal with, so if you aren’t taking a percentage they just aren’t viable.

  • dudders

    The one at the Columbia Heights Giant would give you store credit for free, so I used to to just do that.

    Call your bank and ask! Many banks do have them and will run your change for free.

  • Pennies on the Dollar

    TD Bank has them. Not sure if they are free or if you have to be an account holder.

  • 14th Street

    At TD Bank (in every branch I have been to, at least) they are free for account holders.

  • Chris

    A few Chevy Chases (now Capital One’s) had them but they removed all of them. I was told it was because the company that made them went out of business so maintenance was not possible. They were different machines than the coinstars.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      And they were constantly breaking down.

  • John

    CoinStar gives gift card slips for use at Lowe’s with not percentage taken off. My house was built in 1912, and there is always something I need to buy from Lowe’s.

  • Charlene

    Kind of a fluke but when my BF took $400 in change to the Coinstar at the Rosslyn Safeway, there was a problem with printing out the Amazon gift card (closest thing to free cash since you can buy almost anything) and the store manager just gave him cash for the full amount.

  • anonymous

    I still stick my in rolls and then deposit them – sorting and bagging them is kind of meditative.

    • Bmouse

      If you have kids, this can be something to do with them. When I was young, my dad would save up his change and then once in a while we would work together to roll the coins by hand. Then we would bring them to the bank and deposit them in an account in my name. Great way to teach your kid about counting and money. If you have a kid that’s big on sorting things, they will enjoy this.


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