Washington, DC

A reader spots in Bloomingdale

Or their bike is stolen. Or they heard gunshots that MPD won’t confirm. Or their friend/relative is missing. Or they need the District to do something. Or they got a new menu. Or they’re opening a new bar. Or they have an event to promote. Or so many things. But it’s OK. It’s amazing what age does to you. 10 years ago I’d probably be looking to kick some teeth in. But today I’m so happy with my life and feel truly blessed. I also have never been happier with PoPville and the community that makes it so great. It continues to grow, evolve and attract so many good, knowledgeable and supportive people. I love it.

So I look at this photo and am reminded of one of the greatest weddings I’ve ever attended. And I smile. So thank you for that. As for the cool kids, fear not, I’ll still help you find your dog when the time comes.



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