Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Pablo Raw

Man Who Screams At People (Capitol Hill near Union Station)

“I’m assuming people know about this guy but I can’t find a forum on him. I’ve seen him a few times near Union Station area (2nd St) and he’s always screaming at people–seems to be people on cars, bikes, or pedestrians not crossing exactly where they should.

He’s a white male probably in his 50s with a ponytail, about 6’1″ and he’s always wearing jeans, a black t-shirt and seems to always be carrying dry cleaning.

This morning at Columbus Circle, he started screaming at someone on a bikeshare using the sidewalk. He seems extremely unstable and angry like anything can set him off and since I’ve seen him do this before I was wondering if anyone knows who he is? You can hear him screaming from a block away. I’ll keep my distance obviously but it’s really jarring and threatening that this guy seems to be set off at anything… like he’s the type who is so unhinged he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a weapon of any sort. I’m a woman and it’s really pretty scary. Is he going to flip out at me for looking at him the wrong way? No idea. Is it just screaming or will he escalate to physical assault? And who the hell thinks it’s remotely ok to walk around just screaming at people like that?”

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