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GDoN “two skylights” edition

by Prince Of Petworth August 10, 2015 at 12:45 pm 20 Comments

This unit is located at 1612 Q Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“RARELY AVAILABLE. Only 2 floor plans like this (other sold Dec 2012 for $466,250). Larger than sq ft in DC tax record. Updated kitchen with extra tall custom cabinets for more storage; lovely custom bathroom with lots of storage; new wood floors on levels 1 and 2; new carpet on level 3; all new windows; two skylights; W/D; fireplace; new Mitsubishi A/C and Heat units; low fee. WOW!!!”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $485,000 ($325 monthly fee.)

  • Rich

    I’m assuming the attic is some sort of loft and that’s why it’s more square footage than in the tax record. Oddly no pics of the skylights, which tend to be annoyance esp. in a bedroom (leaks plus needing blinds of some sort). The cabinets are not so much “tall” as few in number, with the one over the fridge being useless.

    My guess is that the spaces are small. At least the owner won’t have to worry about aerobic exercise with 3 levels. No disclosure about the “low fee”. The building probably has no available parking or amenities, so the major expenses would be keeping up any common systems, the roof & other exterior elements and the little bit of landscaping.

    An eccentric place that might be a good deal for the right owner.

    • anon210

      re: the square footage: Judging from the photos, you enter one level above ground level and that’s where the kitchen is. DC defines anything beneath the “main level”(kitchen) as basement, and doesn’t count it towards square footage. same thing in my house although the entry is on the ground level.

      • textdoc

        I believe the defining characteristic is that it’s below grade, not where it is in relation to the kitchen.

  • also anon

    Can’t speak to the price for this area but I personally would not pay almost $500k and then an HOA fee for one bathroom. Also the in-wall air conditioners (which I believe can also be heaters?) makes me question the existence/functionality of central air and heat.

    • Stacys

      I thought the ACs were odd, too. You can see vents for forced air heat, so why a separate AC system?

      • rich

        It may be that the heat is shared and the A/C isn’t or the heat is gas and the a/c is electric. Normally you’d expect some info on the utilities.

  • Michelle

    I can’t get past the photo of the fireplace at the foot of the stairs. I always think of fireplaces as centerpieces to group seating around. It’s a shame there’s no way to do that here.

  • annonny

    Wow, tough crowd here. For the location and amount of space (rooms look pretty substantial, per photos) this seems like a good deal. Parking without a reserved spot would be a nightmare in this neighborhood, but otherwise the places is quite nice. Compared to other stuff for sale between Dupont and Logan, this place is relatively affordable and in apparent good condition.

  • rich

    The location is quite good in many ways, but the spaces are kindof small if you go by the numbers rather than the pics, even taking into account the 3rd level being extra. Also, the ceilings look low even in the regular levels.

  • B

    I rented in this group of row-houses for about 7 years in the 1990’s. The basements are one-bedroom units, the street level (where I rented) are one-bedroom units, and the top-two floors were two-bedrooms. The location could not have been better (and still is great – though much of the commercial activity has moved to Logan). This unit, however, looks different than others I recall, and the square footage seems very low (the one-bedrooms were roughly 450 sf). I also don’t understand the wall unit – I thought they all had central air. There is parking in back, but I would think this unit must not have a space. All that said, however, I do think, given the location, the price on this is excellent.

  • CoHiResident

    A/C’s like that are very common in Europe. The Freon goes through tubing to the compressor outside. So the unit inside is what is blowing the cold air, not cold air coming through ductwork. Kind of like a barbell with half the machinery inside, half outside, connected via tubing.

    Because energy is more expensive in Europe I assume these are more energy efficient (I don’t think someone would install something that is more visible–and ugly–without a good reason).

  • I always LOL at the “RARELY AVAILABLE” dribble. Aren’t most homes by their very nature rarely available? I mean, at the most, assuming it was a quick flip, it would be sold twice in a single year. A property that’s “regularly available” is called a rental…

    • shaw

      I know this particular building, and I think the point is that units of any type in this building are rarely available. The last listing in this building was a couple years ago.

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    The negative comments are pretty out of touch with the market. Two-bedrooms under $500,000 in prime DC neighborhoods will soon be found only in the history books.

    • AMDCer

      Exactly what I was thinking. Good deal.

    • dcloafer

      Exactly. From the pics and listing, this is unequivocally a good deal.

  • kate

    For nearly half a million dollars, I want an updated kitchen.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Sadly, as a few of the commenters immediately above note, that is going to be very difficult to find, around here anyway, unless you’re looking for something in the vicinity of 250 square feet.

  • Just Saying…

    I would have called it the “low fee WOW!!!” edition ^^

  • anon

    I agree it is good amount of space for the money and location. One bathroom is fine for many single buyers who want a second bedroom. I would not live in this place because of that bathroom reno – they removed the tub, and I want one. Also, I need natural light in the kitchen – that’s a deal breaker for me now. The awkward fireplace placement is a drag, but I could ignore that. The loft needs to have wood flooring, not carpeting. I’m ok to rent garage space nearby – in many ways, it is preferable to parking outside out back.


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