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by Prince Of Petworth August 31, 2015 at 12:45 pm 41 Comments

This house is located at 1314 Shepherd Street, Northwest. The listing says:


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3 bath is going for $685,000.

  • JS

    At 685K it’s a good deal, but it won’t sell for that.

    • transplanted

      Exactly. Walked through it at the open house and liked it but walked away without discussing offers because they’re obviously looking for a bidding war. No thanks; have fun with that, other buyers!

      • Are all three actual bedrooms upstairs? They describe an “au pair suite,” but I don’t see a separate bedroom shown in the basement.
        Nor do I see any kind of kitchenette in the basement — if what they’re describing as an “au pair suite” is an open basement bedroom with a private bath, that seems like quite a stretch indeed, especially since what appears to be the sole laundry area is in the basement next to the bathroom.

        • HaileUnlikely

          My understanding of “au pair suite” is something to the effect of “not a legal rental but maybe a passable illegal one.”

          • Right — mine too. Seems like it would have to have some kind of basic kitchen facilities.

        • transplanted

          There’s not a “suite” in the basement, there’s some tile and some carpet where I guess you’re supposed to use your imagination about where to install a kitchenette & daybed. But the upstairs bedrooms were nice and the yard was pretty fantastic for the area.

          • Thanks.
            Were there three true bedrooms upstairs? Or were they pulling any funny business in terms of counting a sunroom as a bedroom?

          • transplanted

            The one with the painted floor was the smallest of the lot — you could fit a kid in there pretty well so I wouldn’t go so far as to call it funny business, but you couldn’t fit a double or queen unless that’s all you wanted to fit in the room. Both of the non-master bedrooms were on the small side, but the very high ceilings made them feel bigger.

    • Guillermo Brown


  • Accountering

    I was going to say, seems underpriced and this will end in the 700s.

  • I am delighted that this renovation left the following in place:
    – The wall between the living room and the foyer (with the French doors).
    – The wall between the living room and the dining room (which might have had pocket doors once).

    • Javier

      Right? Why does every reno gut the character out?

  • neighbor

    It’s nice, but not spectacular. Very narrow row house for the neighborhood, the one bedroom is definitely not useable as a bedroom. 685 would be a good deal, it will sell quickly at this price but I doubt it will go over 700.

    • quincy dude

      The vast majority of the houses are all the exact same width – 18′. You’re dead wrong if you don’t believe it will go above 700. It’ll be high 700s.

      • neighbor

        lol, brah. Keep dreaming. Your house is not worth that much.

        • JS

          Lol brah, look at recent sales. If 1312 Spring goes for 740K, this house (Powell zoned, quieter street, parking, bigger lot) is at least 750K.

          • anon

            930 Quincy also just sold for $817K when started out listed at $699K. 1 more BR than the one listed here. This listing on Shepherd will definitely over the $685 listing.

        • Accountering

          Best two comps I found were 3821 10th st (Randolph and 10th) for $765,000, not as nice of a renovation, and only 3/2.5, and 1355 Taylor St NW, 3/3, but again probably not as nice of a reno, and 2 blocks further from metro for $740,000. So yes, it appears it will go high 700s, brah.

      • HaileUnlikely

        You have to go south of spring, north of Allison, east of Georgia, or west of 16th to find any remotely comparable comps in the past couple of years. Given the crazy block-by-block variation in DC real estate, this is pretty much a guessing game for all involved.

      • anon

        two recent comps: 1334 randolph went for $729K and it had a crappy kitchen and no a/c. 3807 10th street went for $8f22K, and it’s nicer than this one, but not that much nicer.

  • tacopuss

    See those exposed beams? That means there’s no attic, which means no insulation. This house will be cold in the winter and the heating bill will be through the roof. Trust me – I live in a house with a nearly identical layout which we bought with an uninsulated attic, and it was awful until we had insulation put in.

    • anon

      so there’s clearly some space between the ceiling and the roof because they had to run the wiring for that light fixture somewhere. i’d guess there’s also insulation.

  • Anonymus

    Can someone explain the appeal of the expose roof beams in one of the rear bedrooms? It just doesn’t seem appealing.

    But A+ keeping all of the moldings. My house was at one point this exact same house with identical trim so it’s always nice to see what others did with the same bones.

  • jdegg

    Can someone tell me what is that last picture? The one right after the mandatory shot of the nearest Metro station (in this case Georgia Ave/Petworth).

    • saf

      14th and Irving

    • JS


    • I believe that’s DCUSA. Kind of a stretch when a pictured “amenity” is one Metro stop from the closest Metro station.

      • HaileUnlikely

        In my opinion that is not as egregious as references to things that are further away in *time*, though. I’ve seen lots of listings in other parts of the city cite a Whole Foods that is probably 5 years away, the Walter Reed redevelopment that is probably at least 10-15 years away, and the Streetcar that will probably never happen.

        • Fair enough. And there’s always the ever-popular “Steps to [destination XYZ]!”… when XYZ is a 15-minute walk away.

      • anon

        DCUSA is a straight shot down 14th from here, and about only 5 min farther away on foot than petworth metro.

  • ET

    Its not bad but I don’t know if it is shout worthy. I do like that the left some walls downstairs.

  • quincy dude

    Very creative accounting of “2 blocks” to metro. It’s 4.

    I’m skeptical whether the microwave range hood is appropriately sized for the high power range that they put in the kitchen. I’m curious why they painted the floor in the bedroom – odd choice, but different strokes.

    Lots of really nice touches throughout. I like their upstairs configuration – haven’t seen one done like that yet.

    • JS

      Quick guess – the floorboards were too thin to sand & stain out surface blemishes, so the developer just painted over the imperfections.

      • HaileUnlikely

        House appears to be owner-occupied, and judging by historical photos, current owner (who bought in 2004) likely did a lot of renovation work. Curious as to whether most of the renovations were done when owner first moved in, over time, or just now to try to boost resale value.

  • Soozles

    I agree with the others that it is underpriced and also like that they left the walls in place downstairs. However, the kichen is dull and uninspired, and the bedroom with the exposed rafters seems like a failed attempt to be cool and innovative.

    • quincy dude

      The bedroom with the rafters probably needed them open, else ceiling height would be something too short to feel comfortable. That room appears to be the attic space above the front bedroom. Depending on where in grade your house is, that space is or isn’t usable. In our place on Quincy, it is not (though neighbors down the block’s are).

      • rockcreekrunner

        i’ve been in it. the bedroom with the rafters would have a standard 9′ ceiling if the rafters were covered. as it is, it might be an 11′ ceiling (hard to gauge from memory).

  • Two blocks to 2 metros????? Even considering folds in the time-space continuum, I don’t see that happening.

    • kyle

      I live near that neighborhood and it’s definitely not two blocks to the metro, but I reread and listing says: IDEALLY LOCATED JUST BLOCKS TO TWO METROS
      no flux capacitor to convey with the sale.

    • textdoc

      Possibly if the stations in question are Metro Center and Gallery Place-Chinatown.

  • Doesn’t Matter

    The listing says “blocks to two Metros” not “two blocks to Metro”.


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