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GDoN “second floor is bigger than some of the others in the row” edition

by Prince Of Petworth August 20, 2015 at 12:45 pm 39 Comments

This house is located at 3214 18th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Sought after modern TH in great Mount Pleasant location. All glass floor to ceiling windows let the sun shine in. First floor family room w/FP opens to rear patio and garden, Upstairs is a living room, dinning room and light filled kitchen. 2BR/2BA on the third. More finished space here since the second floor is bigger than some of the others in the row. Pkg for 2 cars. Walk score of 90!”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $689,500.

  • HaileUnlikely

    I’ve always assumed these were condos. Nope, fee simple. I love this neighborhood. The house isn’t really to my taste, but homes of this size for this price are very few and very far between around there.

    • Hm

      Hmm, Redfin says there is a $50/month HOA fee

      • HaileUnlikely

        I’m not clear on the distinction between owning a fee simple home in a development that has a homeowner’s association vs. owning a condo, but this appears to be the former. I believe this is more common in some other places outside of DC – my grandparents own a single family home in a development that has a HOA – their HOA does exterior painting, snow removal, private trash collection, and pretty much nothing else.

  • ***

    Has potential but could use some help – Kitchen looks cheap and dated and would vastly be improved if it was opened up to the rest of the floor – seems like it’s wasting the potential of the full-height glass. Sounds like 2nd floor is really the public entertaining floor anyway (hard to tell with no floor plans). HATE the tile on the ground floor – I get why it’s there but it feels cold, basement.

    • textdoc

      I’m puzzled why there’s a big empty wall over the dishwasher and sink. I’m not a huge fan of open kitchens, but if that wall is between the kitchen and the living room, I guess it could be “opened up” in that manner.
      As long as it’s _not_ opened up, it seems like a waste of space that would’ve been good for upper cabinets.

  • Accountering

    This seems like a remarkably good deal in a wonderful neighborhood. Trying to determine what the catch is..

    • Anonymous

      Here’s a small catch: “parking for 2 cars” means you have to park one behind the other. The units are only one garage-space wide; the “driveway” is 2 car-lengths (and even then you’re nearly hanging over the sidewalk).

      • MPinDC

        Two smaller cars will fit, and street parking is reasonable in this area

        • Leslie

          Seriously. Maybe I’ve been an urban dweller too long, but I’d be happy for a parking space.

  • I Dont Get It

    So you have to go to the third floor to use a bathroom?

    • textdoc

      The listing page mentions a half-bath, which I guess must be on the first floor or the second floor.

      • I Dont Get It


  • MPinDC

    A smaller 2br house sold on 1600 block of Newton St for $725,000 a few months ago. This seems like a nicer space and I expect will go well over asking price.

    • JS

      3224 18th (same development, end unit) closed last week for 737K. Smaller listed square footage than this one, however. I’d expect the close price to be roughly in line with the previous sale.

  • Anon

    I think it is “blah” overall in terms of how it looks… But Definitely a good deal for that amount of space in that neighborhood!

    • GBinCH

      Agreed. This place has good space, parking and a nice looking patio/garden out back. It definitely needs some updating but, besides a better kitchen, it mostly just needs cosmetic changes.

    • I lived in Mt. P when these were built and remember the outcry over how ugly they were. Still ugly. And I’d like to cook in my own kitchen without all passers-by being able to look up my skirt.

    • Leslie

      I think it has great potential. With the right furniture and some updates, could look amazing.

    • TX2DC

      I have to concur. I used to live around the corner from these in 2006-08 – I always thought there looked very 80s/dated. Still do!

  • CAS

    This has all the makings of a bidding war.

  • textdoc

    I don’t know what the comps are like these days, but the price seems low to me even in comparison to two older rowhouses I looked at in Mount Pleasant almost five years ago.
    I like the shoji-style doors that go with the glass doors (or full-length windows?) in the living room. (Or maybe it was a bedroom.)

  • Reminds me of those beach timeshare properties from the 70s. Definitely not to my tastes in just about every way.

  • Rich

    Always wondered about these. I’ll bet this has been a rental unit for awhile and the “need” to update the kitchen and perhaps one or more baths may be the “catch”. Absent a floor plan or staging, it’s difficult to know how much space there is. Could be a very good buy, or just eh.

  • Anon

    Such a great deal. I want it.

  • Guillermo Brown

    Square footage? HOA fees? PoP, you need to step up your real estate listing game.

    • AE

      Redfin says 1484 sq ft

  • Ord

    I live nearby, know some of the people who live there, and there really is no catch. It’s not in keeping with the neighborhood, but these are good condo alternative houses. There are about 8 on the row and this is the third one to go on the market in the past year or so. The other two sold over asking (low 700’s I think) within days of going on.

  • DC

    Two of these have sold in the past year for around 700k. Didn’t stay on the market long.

  • nightborn

    This will sell in days.

  • Dogg

    I never understood the garage space in these. If you added a door to it you provide an area to keep “garage items” while keeping your car safer and avoid any wind,blowing rain/snow elements

  • anonymous

    Has anyone every requested a plat from dcra? I ordered one online yesterday expecting it would should the land and structure on it. Well it came today and its just the land dimensions. I cost $80 for that.(expedited). Question do I now have to find an architect or surveyor to come out and survey my home and draw it on the plat? I can’t believe they would even charge $50(non-expedited) for what they provided.

    • anon

      I mostly guestimated. I measured from the property line (easy to find since there’s a fence on 3/4 sides for me) to the outside of my building, then drew in a rectangle. Mine was for a deck and was totally fine; if you’re doing something more involved, you might want to get a professional to do it.

    • HaileUnlikely

      This would be available for most but not all homes if you visit the Office of the Surveyor in person and are willing to invest some significant time in digging through hardcopies of records that might be several decades old. If you yourself purchased your home, you should have received something called a “Mortgage survey,” which will state on it that it is “not intended to establish property lines,” “cannot be used for construction or design purposes,” and “was prepared for title purposes only,” but if you do not know even approximately where your property lines are in relation to your house, this will give you a better idea, and if you are doing something relatively minor and need to get a permit to do something that is very obviously within your property lines like add a small deck or a fence, it might suffice. It is probably buried halfway through your closing documents. If you did not get one or are unable to locate it, the settlement company that conducted your closing might be able to give you another copy.

  • dudders

    I love this. I think it just looks blah because it’s empty, with furniture and decor this place is rad. I don’t mind the kitchen, I wouldn’t want an entire open plan floor. Looks big enough for eat-in, too.

  • Mike M.

    Nice place and probably a good deal, but it feels very un-D.C. to me. It’s not a bad thing necessarily, but this type of unit seems much more like something you would find in California.

  • Uptowner

    I have a question: Is it possible to enclose the garage and turn it into living space? I’d want a 3br, and there’s certainly space for it, but it’s currently devoted to parking, which I don’t need.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Physically possible? Sure. Would the HOA allow that? That’s a different question.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Having said that, I’m not sure if I’d want a bedroom immediately adjacent to my neighbor’s garage, though.

    • Anon

      No, it’s in a historic district and the garage (really a car port) faces the street. They’d never let you enclose it. I doubt they’d even let the HOA put garage doors on.


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