GDoN “Architecturally stunning & elegant” edition

by Prince Of Petworth August 12, 2015 at 12:45 pm 20 Comments

This house is located at 1410 15th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Architecturally stunning & elegant this 5 bed 3.5 bath town home in Logan Circle is the epitome of Washington Chic! Located on the coveted 15th St corridor of Logan Circle, this home offers stately grandeur with downtown walkability. Beautiful “hidden garden oasis” off the rear of the home which leads to the 2 car parking. Fully finished English basement completes this total package!”

You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/3.5 bath is going for $2,349,000.

  • Beutiful

    I love the majority of what I see in this house, the unpainted wood trim and pocketdoors, the staircase, the kitchen…. I will say, the showers are… Odd. But still, this is a beautiful home.

  • textdoc

    Love the woodwork.
    (Not so keen on some of the bathroom renovation choices, though.)

    • ET

      I agree. I covet the woodwork but the bathroom is tragic.

  • Eponymous

    The brothel house!
    Given some of the design choices (especially in the kitchen and bathrooms), isn’t that price a bit ambitious?

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      I agree it’s an ambitious price given the condition. Also, while the current residents may have loved living with pastel colored walls, I would think a fresh coat of paint would have been smart before listing.

    • I Dont Get It

      Brothel house?

      • Eponymous

        There’s an article in the Washingtonian discussing this home’s history. It used to get a lot of visitors.

        • figby

          There’s an old, lantern-style light on the back of the house that used to be a signal to alert customers that the brothel was open for biz.

  • Janie4

    That is a beautiful house. I could fix the bathroom choices pretty easily, and god I love that Aga in the kitchen. Sigh.

    • +1 great range, although takes a while to get used to.

  • I Dont Get It

    I loved it up to the vessel sinks!

    • textdoc

      The other bathroom choices were so weird that they kept me from noticing the vessel sinks. ;)

      • I Dont Get It

        Yeah I don’t think I’ve ever seen glass blocks AND vessel sinks in the same bathroom.

  • rockyartdc

    If they’re going to tout the “beautiful hidden garden oasis,” I’d expect to see some photos of it.

    • And give away the hiding spot? No way!

  • Rich

    I think the ample square footage and all that woodwork drive a lot of the price. The bathrooms are odd but probably look better in person (I’ve seen weirder ones). At this price point one could easily do over the bathrooms, I’m sure.

    • Dan

      Or buy a different house–one with a pool.

      Over $2million? Must have pool.

  • nice!

    Nice house. I actually like the bathroom and kitchen choices. That said it’s a little too far South for me. For over 2M I’d rather have something on a more residential street a few blocks North.

  • There are some eccentricities to it, but overall what a great house. The $ / sqft for this location is a steal.

  • nightborn

    It’s gorgeous. That woodwork!!!


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