From the Forum – Smash and grab in Columbia Heights: ISO my new workout clothes and trainers

by Prince Of Petworth August 4, 2015 at 2:10 pm 19 Comments


Smash and grab in Columbia Heights: ISO my new workout clothes and trainers

“Yesterday evening between 8:30 pm and 10 pm, in front of 3551 13th St, NW, someone shattered the passenger side window of my car, and grabbed my gym bag containing nice, new-ish workout gear.

Unless the perp wears a woman’s 5.5 shoe, the Asics gel trainers may now be sitting on a sidewalk “for sale” along with two sets of small and medium-sized yoga/gym tops and pants.

I looked in alleys and front yards this morning in case he (?) tossed the stuff someplace.

Momma doesn’t need another excuse to skip the gym!

Please contact me if you find any of my gear. Thank you.”

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  • GabeYo

    Was it a black and pink Nike workout bag. I saw that at the corner of 13th and Park on my walk to the metro this morning.

  • ke

    I’m sorry about your stuff. I did chuckle at, “Momma doesn’t need another excuse to skip the gym!” Good luck!

  • CatieCat

    Ill one up you! My car was broken into at the Tubman parking lot at noon on a sunday a few months ago, while i was a mere 50 yards away playing soccer. What did these lucky thieves get? My 8-year-old crocs, and some sweaty gym clothes! Value of stolen nowhere NEAR the $260 it cost to replace my window.

    • SWer

      “Value of stolen nowhere NEAR the $260 it cost to replace my window.”

      The cost of replacing your window is irrelevant as the thief isn’t paying for it.

      • dumdum

        It’s pretty relevant to CatieCat

        • CatieCat

          Yes, thank you, it is.

  • Thoma

    Had my own smash and grab experience last year, and it’s just an awful experience all around (nothing better than having your insurance company treat you like you’re the person that stole everything…). Definitely taught me the hard way to make sure I never leave anything behind in my car, no matter how insignificant I think it might be.

    Was visiting family in another state last month, and instinctively went to make sure all of my stuff was out of the car as we exited, and they looked at me like I was crazy!

    • TinkerTaylor

      Same disconnect between me and my relatives in the Midwest. Last visit, I was incredulous that my brother leaves kayaks in the bed of his pickup wherever he drives. They’d last about 12 minutes in my neighborhood here.

      • Emily

        When I had a truck in a different urban setting I never left anything in the back b/c of all the trash people would throw in it. I guess they thought they weren’t littering if it was in my truck.
        It was also a POS 19 year old truck when I got it (I love you Sharon!), so I left the doors unlocked b/c I was not about to replace a window when it was broken into by people looking for guns or drugs. The people in my neighborhood who would go through it left everything neat and tidy, I would only know they’d been there b/c the ashtray/change pocket would be open. Then one night I parked in a different neighborhood to hit up my fav bar and stupid me left a blueberry pie my mom had made for me in the cab. The assholes in that neighborhood pulled everything (junk) out of the glove box, smooshed the pie, and pulled the stuff behind the seat out (umbrella, empty gun rack, etc). #NOKD

  • Anonymous

    I always put my gym bag in the trunk. Sweaty shorts from 2002, an ipod, or thousands worth of film gear…they cant tell until they have it.

    • textdoc

      +1. I can understand the thieves’ mentality — it’s unlikely they’re going to be caught in the act, so hey, why not go ahead and break a window if you see a bag inside?

  • dreas

    The 3600 block alley between 13th and 11th often sees a lot of discarded bags with all the valuables gone–we’ve returned a few to their owners via MPD. You may want to take a walk up there; I’ll also keep an eye out.

  • Truxton Thomas

    I’d be more sympathetic if you didn’t call them “trainers.” Just kidding, mostly.

    • dumdum

      They’re sneakers, right?

      • textdoc

        Yep. “Trainers” is a Britishism, so unless the OP is a Brit, it’s an odd choice of word.

        • anonamom

          American who says “trainers” as opposed to “sneakers” who grew up calling them “tennis shoes”
          This is what happens when you are an Army Brat.

        • Krampus

          Not necessarily. Shoe companies using the word “trainer” and “training shoe” to refer to shoes marketed toward people who do cross-training activities like crossfit and stuff like that. I’ll leave it to others to debate whether these shoes are “sneakers” or not but that’s what companies and some people are calling them – based on the activity they’re used for, not based on a Britishism.

  • soulshadow55

    Sorry for your loss and I don’t mean to dump on you but please don’t ever leave anything in your car. Not even a quarter in the coin box – people will steal anything they can see through the window. Put everything out of sight in your trunk.

    • whovous

      Many newcomers to DC get to learn this lesson. I left a cheap nylon briefcase in the backseat of my car in 2004. I figured if i knew it was valueless, so would everyone else.

      The thief that smashed my window dumped the briefcase in less than a block and I got everything back. Everything but the broken window, that is.


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