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From the Forum – Gallery Place/Mt. Vernon Square bar space, ~75ppl?

by Prince Of Petworth August 20, 2015 at 2:10 pm 32 Comments

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Gallery Place/Mt. Vernon Square bar space, ~75ppl?

“I’m getting married next Aug. in Chinatown, and looking to do an informal meet-and-greet the night before near the venue.

Any ideas for a bar space in the general Gallery Place or Mt. Vernon Square area that could fit up to 75 people on a Fri night in late Aug.? A privatized space isn’t necessary, but would be a bonus.

Thanks so much in advance for any thoughts!!!
Thanks in advance!”

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  • Anon

    How fancy do you need?

    If you are fine with low key, Laughing Man (near metro center) would work. They are usually looking for “non-happy hour” business and I’ve done events there before for no charge for the space. Only caveat is that they may close the kitchen somewhat early (10?), so check with manager about that detail.

    • sarahlane61

      Yeah low key is perfect, thanks so much for the ideas!!

  • James

    Clyde’s has private rooms in the back on the 1st floor. Not sure if they’d accommodate 75 people though.

    Lost and Found also has a back bar that is usually closed on weeknights, probably not a Fri though. But it might be available for rentals.

    • fka Shawess

      +1 for the Lost and Found back room (if that suits the type pf party you want to have). You can reserve tables there for free! You have to give them a credit card number, but they’ll only charge it if you’re a no-show. A very good deal. The back room could probably accommodate 75 people but you might want to double check that.

      • I can’t imagine Lost and Found can accommodate 75 people. It also definitely doesn’t have a pre-wedding party vibe to me, but to each their own (and I do really like the bar otherwise).

        • fka Shawess

          We had about 40 in the back at once and there was plenty of extra space. And I agree that it wouldn’t suit my own wedding, but I’m not sure what the OP is going for. This info also might be useful for others looking for party spaces!

          • sarahlane61

            Thanks SO much for the great ideas!!! Will definitely check it out:-)

  • sproc

    Penn Commons might be a good space for that many people.

  • accendo

    Silo (www.silodc.com) can be rented out for private events and is a good size for a group your size. They’re also local with good food and drinks.

  • BCA

    600 F is a great space. But you’d have to provide the booze/food.


    • Mike M.

      Definitely second 600 F. Fantastic space. If you’re looking for something upscale, this would be the way to go.

      It’s a little further afield, but I hosted a professional event for ~100 people at Chaplin’s in Shaw and was able to use their top floor. Would also highly recommend!

  • goaldigger

    Poste- http://www.postebrasserie.com/private-dining/private-dining.htm (indoor and outdoor space)

    City Tap House- http://www.citytaphousedc.com/parties.php (indoor backroom)

    Iron Horse Taproom-http://ironhorsedc.com/ (Not a private room but they could rope off the small bar downstairs. Aug is a slow time for them so they might go for it on a Fri night.).

    Gordon Biersch-http://www.gordonbiersch.com/locations/washington-dc/largeparties (indoor backroom)

    • City Tap House definitely has the space. They treated our PoPville group exceptionally well and I would highly recommend them after that.

  • billdebeer

    Second for Lost & Found. Second floor of Sixth Engine would work as well. Back room of A&D.

  • JadeinDC

    Baby Wale is great upstairs for a private space. They request you spend $1000 in the whole evening, so for 75 people, that should not be too hard.

    • blahblahblah

      +1 for Baby Wale. My friend had a going away party in that space and it was nicely done.

  • E

    Lost & Found, A&D, and City Tap House are all great recs from other posters. Cool places with plenty of space and excellent drink lists.

  • sunnytime

    I did this same thing at RFD on a Friday night in the summer. We had the back room/bar for our party and they were great to work with! They also allowed underage cousins to attend, which some places do not – in case that’s a factor for you as well.

  • sbc

    Rfd has a room.

  • AlexLady

    Clydes or Carmines. We had a rehearsal dinner at Carmines and they sit about 70 so I don’t know if that would work. But Clydes has the big room in the back that should fit more than 70. Don’t know how you will find something on such short notice though during wedding season.

    • sarahlane61

      Thanks! This is for next year, think we have some time:-)

  • Anon

    PJ Clarke’s basement (sidecar) is a fancier option.

  • Anon

    +1 for silo. I rented it out for a NYE party last year, about 100 guests. It’s nice space. Managing owner’s name is Reza.

  • Krystina

    Clyde’s of Gallery Place can definitely accommodate 75 people: there are two rooms I’ve seen used for events there: one in the back near the exit (which is for special events only, I believe) and one up front that I went to a DC Beer Week event a couple years back. I imagine, with four bars in there, they could probably reserve one for an event.

    Also, Penn Commons on the 6th Street Side of the Verizon Center seems pretty big (at least it was bigger than I expected it to be from the outside) and has a large bar area.

    In general, I’d think reserving a space in August anywhere in that area would be fairly easy considering that most of the restaurant crowds will come from sporting/other special events at the Verizon Center and August is usually quiet, save the odd concert or two.

  • TX2DC

    Red Line or Iron Horse?

  • Claire

    Poste’s courtyard can easily fit your group.

  • someone

    Ask A&D about reserving their back room.

  • divebar311

    Denson (bottom of 600 F Street). Speakeasy vibe.
    Cedar – 8th & F
    Pii Pizza – 9th & F
    Brick and Mortar (former Living Social Space) – 9th & F
    China Chilcano – 7th and F Street
    Touchstone Gallery – fabulous place but you need to provide food/booze. They are running a summer rental special. Mass Ave between 9th and 10th Street
    Any place in City Center -Fig & Olive, DBGB, etc.

    • divebar311

      I’d also add Dignitary in Marriott Marquis – they have indoor and outdoor space.

  • Anon

    Brick and Mortar (918 F Street) has an intimate feel and they will let you rent out the bar or the lounge/event space above the bar.

  • Alexis K

    I just had a similar situation – hosted my engagement party at Sixth Engine on Mass Ave. Phenomenal food and drink menu. They reserved the downstairs bar tables for us (at no charge) and we also migrated onto the patio. They have an upstairs room you can rent too. Bartenders were fantastic, and management was very accommodating. Highly recommend!

  • molly

    slipstream – guarantee a tab and you can likely reserve the whole place. Nicer than shuffling through a busy restaurant to get to a private room.


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