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From the Forum – Anyone know a good handyman?

by Prince Of Petworth August 19, 2015 at 2:10 pm 17 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Caroline Angelo

Anyone know a good handyman?

“Hey there folks!

My handyman moved away, so I’m looking for a good & reasonably priced solution for various odd jobs. i.e. installing new light fixtures, mounting flat screen to wall.

I’m in the Petworth/Brightwood area.

Thanks in advance!”

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  • Caroline

    Related question: Can anyone recommended someone that can fix a dryer? Or would a handyman do that?

    • textdoc

      How old is the dryer? Appliance repair is so expensive (mainly the cost of the labor, rather than the parts) that depending on the dryer’s age (and original value), it might not be worth it.

      • Caroline

        No idea. Obviously if it’s expensive I’ll just get a new one.

        • textdoc

          You might have to pay a repair person even just to come out and make a diagnosis. (If they’ll do a diagnosis free of charge or cheaply, then that changes the calculus a bit.)

    • HaileUnlikely

      I’m a big fan of Consumer Checkbook – sort of like Angie’s List but seems to be more independent of the service providers who they review and I haven’t had any major surprises (monumentally dissatisfactory service from a highly rated provider) with providers I’ve found there (unlike with Angie’s List…). “Major Appliance Repair Service” is a whole category of service provider in Consumer Checkbook.
      Anyway, if it is of any help, I just did a quick query of those to limit to ones receiving their top ratings for price and for quality and that say they service dryers, and sorted in descending order by total number of reviews, and the top 5 were: Alco Appliance, A Weinstein Inc., L&M Appliance Service, Jerry’s Appliance Service, and Old Dominion Appliance Repair. All of those had more than 100 reviews, high customer satisfaction ratings, and were rated as less expensive than average for this category of service. I have no experience with any of them (the ~20-year-old low-end Roper dryer that came with my house is still going strong!), but if I needed my dryer repaired, I go to Consumer Checkbook, sort as above, and just go down the list.

      • textdoc

        And definitely do NOT use A&E Factory Service.
        When my 6-month-old washing machine suddenly stopped working several years ago, they were the warranty-covered repair service. They were INEPT — I had them out to my condo SEVEN TIMES before I ran out of patience and told Best Buy they needed to give me a refund and remove the lemon machine.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I checked just for the heck of it, sorted the entire list of providers in the DC Metro Area in descending order by quality (assessed as % of customers who rate the provider as “superior” on each of several measures), and A&E was 49th out of 56 (i.e., 7th from worst).

          • textdoc

            LOL! I can only wonder how terrible Numbers 50-56 must be.
            Is Consumer Checkbook a subscriber service, like Angie’s List?

          • HaileUnlikely

            Yes. 2 years for $28 or 4 years for $48. Unlike Angie’s List, they do not collect fees for advertising from companies that they also rate, and ratings are anonymous and do not include dates and locations of service so a provider can’t easily identify a reviewer. I think Angie’s List has good intentions and all, but the whole system seems to me to be set up in a way that pressures people into posting positive reviews and makes posting negative reviews kind of awkward.

    • Julia

      I highly recommend Anytime Appliance Service in Kensington , MD. Dale, the owner, fixed both our washer and dryer for a very reasonable price (both are over 20 years old). He took them apart, piece by piece, and replaced or repaired the broken parts. For the washer, I asked him to give me the gunked up parts so I could scrub them off outside under the garden hose before he put it all back together. Now the washer and dryer both work like new. So glad I didn’t buy new ones. Dale is the man!

  • Steve

    Joel is great, provides receipt for items and just charges for the job. English is solid.

  • Kory

    Call Ned at http://www.kremer-construction.com/ . He’s a solid dude and does quality work. He lives in your neighborhood too.

  • soccerchickie37

    Similarly, does anyone have recommendations for a handyman with a woodworking slant?

    My dining room table chairs are becoming unsteady and I’d love to find someone to fix them (at a reasonable cost) before they fall apart completely.

  • James Heller can do pretty much everything – and a super nice guy, with fantastic prices – 7038983528

  • textdoc
  • George, at http://dcmetrorenovations.com, I would recommend. Very easy to work with.


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