Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Jacques Arsenault

DC towed me to metered parking, then charged me for not paying the meter:

“I was wondering if anyone else had had this happen to them or could give me advice. I parked on K St NE in the early afternoon, completely missing that it becomes a rush hour no parking zone after 4:30 (definitely my fault). So I got two $100 tickets, one for the illegal parking, one for the tow to another location. I didn’t find out I had been towed until I went back to get my car at 11 pm that night; I tried to find the location it had been towed to online, but the system was down. So I called the next morning around 9 am, then went to get my car–but it had been towed to a meter, so I had two additional $25 tickets for illegal meter parking starting at 7:15 am that morning. Can DC charge me for illegal parking at a location I didn’t choose? And if I fight the second two tickets, any suggestions on how to frame the situation or substantiate my case? Thanks in advance–it just really irks me to get 4 tickets for one violation.”
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