Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Josh

I “doored” someone and am trying to find them:

“This morning [Wed. Feb. 4th], in a moment of rush and complete and utter carelessness, I did not check before opening the passenger door as I was getting out of my car (silver 2004 Toyota 4Runner) and doored someone on their bike at 18th and N Sts NW around 9:30am. The biker flipped off onto the sidewalk but quickly got up and said they were fine, and sped away before we could exchange contact information. If you are this person, please contact me with identifying details. As a biker myself, I feel horrible and I would like to know if the biker needs any bike repairs that I can pay for. It seemed like there weren’t any injuries, but I’d pay for necessary medical bills as well. Thanks. ”

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