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Chiropractor and Tankless Water Heater:

“Need a chiropractor. Metro accessible would be great…thanks.”


“Tankless Water Heater

Hi Everyone – I am thinking about switching to a tankless water heater and I am looking for advice, red flags, and contractor/plumber recommendations to talk to. Here is the story: Our water heater is old and will need to be replaced soon. We currently don’t always have enough hot water going to our upstairs bathroom for 2 of us to take decent length hot showers. I have never taken a bath in this house because I am confident I couldn’t fill the tub with hot water. I just want enough hot water to take a nice, long, hot bath and on other days get a few of us through hot showers in the mornings. Finally, our water heater is located *behind* our washer/dryer. I have a hope that if we go tankless, I can recoup a little space back there. I know we’ll need to deal with our gas line, but thats all I know. Any advice? A solution other than tankless that would get me a hot bath in a deep tub? Our current water heater is about 80 gallons I believe but its not easy to check. And currently there are only 2 of us.”

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