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From the Forum – Parking Regulations – Motorcycle and Car in One Spot

by Prince Of Petworth July 11, 2014 at 2:10 pm 7 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Raymond Bryson

Parking Regulations – Motorcycle and Car in One Spot:

“I recently moved into a building near U st, and I parked both my motorcycle and my car within my parking spot, and neither vehicle extended beyond my own spot. I was told by the building manager that I could only have one vehicle as per the Order of the Fire Marshal. I’ve looked up the DC Fire Code, and I haven’t found anything. Does anybody know whether or not it is actually legal, or just the condo association trying to make more money as usual?”

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  • brookland_rez

    Sounds like BS to me.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed – sounds like BS.
    What can they actually do to you to enforce it?

  • jcm

    Sounds more likely to be the Order of the Building Manager to me. Is it a condo or an apartment? Do you actually own the spot?

  • Accountering

    This begs for people to give opinions, so here goes! I would say that doesn’t sound legit. No clue what would be in the fire code about amount of cars parked in a spot. I think it is a building manager thinking he needs to make work for himself.

  • anon3

    maybe the garage has a vehicle occupancy limit which equals the number of spaces in the garage? That would be my bet, whenever the building was constructed they must have gotten approval from DC for how many vehicles their garage would hold….

  • ontarioroader

    Unless there’s something in the building’s C of O that states only a certain number of vehicles can be in the lot, and that number is exactly the number of spaces available, then possibly. Most likely this is BS to try to get you to rent another spot or the property manager just trying to flex.

  • MJ

    As an owner of several condos over the past decade, this is BS. I have friends and former tenants that park booth their car and bike on their same spot, and it’s not a tandem spot, just a spot with enough space for both vehicles.
    Unless it’s pointed out in the condo docs or the manager can point to the exact fire regulation, you should be able to do it.


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