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Loitering Around 14th and Irving:

“I’m sure this has been brought up a lot, but I have had a lot of issues this past month. I recently moved into Highland Park (1400 Irving) and live relatively close to the parking garage. For those unaware of the layout, there is a driveway between the Potbelly and the clinic that cars go under to get into the parking garage and for employees to quickly park that work at Lou’s/Pete’s/Acre. There are ALWAYS people just hanging out in that parking area, even inside. Numerous times I have seen people blatantly doing drugs, selling drugs, and drinking beer. My frustration has culminated this weekend in being woken up at 2:30AM on the 6th by fire works being set off right below my window (I live on the third floor). I have tried to contact the police numerous times, but it seems that they do not care whatsoever. Even if there is a cop around the area, he/she seems to not care about the blatant drug use and rowdiness.

I am basically questioning about the legality of people loitering within the confines of the parking driveway. Is this considered private parking or not? Has anyone had any issues with people loitering around there buildings at all hours of the day/night?”

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