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Interested in Joining a Book Club in NW DC?

“Several friends and I are looking to form a book club in DC. Depending on the size of our group, we could take turns hosting at our apartments or meet in a public space such as a library or a restaurant.

We want to focus on popular, critically-acclaimed fiction books such as: (i) Water For Elephants, (ii) The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, (iii) Gone Girl, (iv) The Glass Castle, (v) The Night Circus, etc.

However, we are up for any suggestions on books. This would be an entirely collaborative process. We are in our mid-20′s and primarily want to meet people who are social and interested in bonding over books and discussion while enjoying wine/beer/snacks :)

Please email me at eunice.s.min(at)gmail.com if you’re interested.”

How soon will new R-4 rules take effect if passed?

“Just saw the Post article about the DC planning office proposing new rules for R-4 zoned homes. The main target of this is pop-ups and the loss of family space, but the proposal is also to ban new 3-unit permits in R4 zones, which means if this happens I won’t be able to get a CofO for my basement since my R4 rowhouse is already a 2-flat house and would become an apartment. Note that I would be creating more housing and not taking anything away from families looking for bigger homes. I’m just wondering if this happens how long before it would take effect and prevent me from converting into a 3-unit building? I have had reasons for putting this off and now is a really bad time to go through the process (will probably have to raise ceiling and install fire sprinklers throughout) but I’m scared about losing my last opportunity to be grandfathered in. Also do people think this part of the proposed rule will be passed and 2-flats like mine will be prevented from getting a basement CofO? Thanks for the help.”

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