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From the Forum – Honda Car Dealerships? and Internet Service in NoMa

by Prince Of Petworth July 15, 2014 at 2:10 pm 39 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Néstor Sánchez Cordero

Honda Car Dealerships?

“Has anyone had a good experience with any around the DMV area? We are looking to buy a car, and want to purchase from a dealership for various reasons.”

Internet Service in NoMa:

“My roommate is moving out and taking her DirectTV/Verizon DSL account with her – so I’m researching services for internet. We have used Xfinity and Verizon DSL, and both have been awful (slow speeds, several disconnects, countless service calls, terrible customer service). I’m wondering if RCN is any better?

Verizon FIOS has not made its way to our neighborhood yet. So I’m left deciding – What is the LEAST terrible internet/wifi service I can get?”

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  • Anonymous

    I live on 4th and H NE and I have Verizon Fios. If you really can’t get Verizon Fios, I recommend RCN – cheap and reliable.

  • Anonymous

    You act like FiOS is much better than the other services. I speak from experience when I say it’s not, so don’t feel envious of those that have it. I have Comcast, and although it’s fashionable to complain about them they’re actually pretty good. Customer service is decent and the service in general is reliable. I do wish they had a phone/internet package that was cheaper than the phone/internet/tv-we-never-use package, and it would be nice if they could give us a voice modem that lasts more than a year, but otherwise I have no complaints. Can’t say that about FiOS!

    • Anonymous

      +1. I truly don’t understand this fetishization of FiOS. I’ve had as many problems with FiOS as I had with Comcast before that.

      • Anonymous

        I went from Comcast to FiOS a couple years ago and it’s light-years better.

        Plus, the installation guy came on time. (Comcast didn’t come the first three times they said they would.)

      • Caroline

        +1 I had FiOS in Virginia and we were constantly having problems that no one seemed able to permanently fix. Maybe their technology has improved since then, but I’ve had a much better experience in the four years I’ve been with Comcast. When something goes wrong it just takes a quick call with a representative and a visit the next day from a technician (who is always friendly and efficient and arrives within the time window). I think that’s about all you can ask for.
        I do wish Comcast’s prices were better– we need internet and a landline for the secruity system, and it ends up costing $150/month which is crazy– but I haven’t been able to find a cheaper alternative.

        • nate

          Anyway to get get a cellular connection for your security system? I had one added to mine for about $150 and I think my monitoring service is a few bucks more a month than without (Ackerman). I have internet only with Comcast and its like $45/month. I haven’t had any connection issues to date.

          • Caroline

            ADT said it would be more like $400 to upgrade to a wireless system, and they made it sound like it was going to be difficult to do. At the time I thought I could get a cheap landline, so I didn’t care. It’s something I’ve been meaning to revisit though. I guess it would pay itself off in four months. The landline’s kind of handy, though, since our house is three levels and we don’t have our cell phones glued to our hips at all times.

  • Anonymous

    I live in NoMa and was told we are not zoned for RCN. We had Comcast… until they randomly cancelled our account one day. We’ve been leeching off our neighbors ever since.

  • AG

    You might be just out of their service area, but I’ve heard good things about DC Access. I’ve been tempted to switch over a few times (my Comcast internet is insanely slow/spotty), but the deal I have with Comcast right now is too good (and I like a lot of tv).

    • Anonymous

      DC Access sadly doesn’t reach north of H St.

    • Patrick Division

      Another vote here for DC Access. Great customer service, and the only time the interwebs became unavailable was when a storm blew the receiver dish off the side of the house. They had someone out the next day to install a new one.

  • Doc

    FIOS, Comcast and RCN are all bad for different reasons.

    Comcast is just all around awful, especially when it comes to customer service.

    FIOS is terrible when it comes to hardware issues.

    RCN has frequent outages.

  • Oh_Sweet_Thing

    It is a total pain to get to from the city, but Herson’s Honda in Rockville is decent. They’ll give you rides to and from the metro.

  • Anonymous

    I have RCN, which has proven to be much, much better than Verizon DSL. Can’t speak to FIOS, though.

  • anon

    I have had RCN for 3 years, only 1 outtage that I can remember. I got a deal for internet and basic tv for 39.99 + tax and fees, which reminds me I need to call and see why my price went up.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve had RCN for 6 years. No complaints. I can only remember one or two outages which were restored pretty quickly. I pay $49.99 (taxes and everything included) per month and get 20 mbps internet. I speed test my connection every few weeks and I’m consistently getting the speed I’m paying for (imagine that).

      • Reader

        I also have RCN and am paying $49.99 for 50 down and always receive advertised speeds. I couldn’t be happier with them.

      • gotryit

        I’ve had Comcast and RCN, and I’m much happier with RCN. My needs are reliable internet only. And customer service that doesn’t tell me to (figuratively) go F myself.

    • Emilie504

      I love RCN! I had Comcast at first and the service was unreliable, expensive, and the customer service was horrible. I have nothing but good things to say about RCN! Three plus years and no outages (never lose electricity either, but always lost comcast), not very expensive, and customer service for setting up is great (never had to talk to them since setup).

  • Doc

    Let me clarify my RCN comment:

    I would recommend them over Comcast and FIOS with the caveat that in less than six months since switching we have multiple day time outages that have lasted several hours each. If you work from home or telework, and rely on internet connectivity to do your job, that is a pretty major problem. If you are using your home internet only to watch cat videos, this is less of a problem. Maybe outages vary by neighborhood based on infrastructure (I’m in upper NW, FWIW).

    • Anonymous

      Purely out of curiosity, what does “upper NW” mean these days?

      • Anonymous

        Wasn’t there a Friday question on this once?

      • Doc

        Anything in the NW quadrant that is north of Military/Missouri.

        • Anon 3:13


  • dcloafer

    FWIW I’m in Petworth and have RCN. I pay less than $50/month for a connection that’s more than adequate to watch Netflix at good resolution, and it’s been totally reliable.

  • Anonymous

    We have Comcast (6 and I NE) and it constantly goes out or has a weak signal. Sucks when trying to work from home…

  • sproc

    I’ve had Comcast/Xfinity for just over a year now.
    – The ordering process was polite, but slow
    – The installer was THE WORST, late for first appointment, forgot equipment, had to return next day, late for second appointment, totally unprofessional, knew less about the service than I did, messy install, left no documentation, etc…
    – Customer service is abysmal. No matter what your inquiry, prepare for none of the voice menu options to match your need, and then get bounced around from department to department until you hit someone’s voice mail or the system simply hangs up on you.
    – Seriously expensive, BUT…
    – In terms of internet service, you seem to get what you pay for. I shell out for their highest consumer speed tier, and it’s generally pretty awesome. Flawless Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Instant, gaming, and VPN for teleworking often seems more responsive than being on my PC at work.
    – At most, there’s been a random hour or two of outages (that I’ve noticed) in over a year.
    – Most of their modems also serve as hotspots available to any Comcast customer. After I got over my initial fears that others were sharing my wifi (they’re not–it’s a totally separate function), it’s actually very helpful to have access to 100s of extra hotspots around the city.
    So no love lost for Comcast, but I will freely admit that their straight up internet service is quite good.

    • jumpingjack

      This has been exactly my experience with Comcast, except that my internet service is spotty – it frequently goes out for several minutes at a time, or gets unbearably slow. Usually a couple of times a day. I don’t pay for the highest tier, but I’m not even getting functional internet at the lowest one.
      The installation process was a nightmare. Took them a month and a half to get internet working at all. The techs they sent were not knowledgeable, and always late. For six weeks, I woke up every weekend day at 7 am for an “8-10” visit, only to have the tech show up at 1 pm, and still not fix it. And one tech broke my Tivo. My total compensation for this – $10 credit for a month and a half of non-working internet.
      Comcast is the only option in my building, so they have no incentive to provide acceptable service. I had Fios in my previous place and was very happy with it (service quality and customer service).

  • Anonymous

    It’s a major trek, but my experiences with Anderson Honda in Baltimore have been very good. The Honda dealership in Bethesda is convenient, and I know family members who have been happy with it.

  • Anonymous

    Sport Honda in Silver Spring worked for us. I bought a new minivan there in 2012 after I just threw out an inquiry to their internet sales dept., assuming I’d get a price that didn’t interest me. Instead, the out-of-the-box offer was $1500 or so LESS than several prices I had in hand from other dealers and car-buying services, including Costco’s. It was pretty painless, as all my data points were that they were making me a good offer without haggling. (Their offer on my trade-in was lousy, however, so I didn’t take it and sold that car myself on Craigslist for $4500 more. So it depends on what you want for the total package.)

  • A

    FWIW, I had terrible experiences with Ourisman Honda in Bethesda. Just not very good at their jobs. Not crooked, but incompetent.

  • sarah

    have never used RCN in DC – i think I did in Boston? it was fine there. had endless connectivity issues with comcast for four years here, switched to FIOS last summer (in bloomingdale) – haven’t had any problems, and my monthly rate for cable + internet is $40/month less than it was with comcast.

  • Anonymous

    I had such an offensive experience at College Park Honda that I can’t say enough bad things about them. Even after I made it clear that I was not interested in a new car, the sales guy kept showing me “used” cars that were the next model year. And they wouldn’t let me test drive a manual transmission “because I’m a woman.”

  • Administrator

    RCN used to have a bad reputation for throttling torrent downloads. But I don’t know if that is still true. If you don’t work from home, then go with the cheapest.

  • Rich

    I had RCN i an previous place and had lots of service problems, and needed frequent “refreshes”. When I cancelled service (to move), I asked when to return the devices, etc. I did what I was told in terms of notice, etc. when I got to their office, they imposed all kinds of charges–they wanted me to pay through the end of the month (even though I’d given notice) and then wanted me to pay two months forward, although I would eventually get a month’s fees back. the person in the office (of course ) couldn’t help and I had to use their phones. I was just very angry and at that point realized why the person in the office was behind thick, bullet proof glass. because I persisted, I got the 2 months reduced and was rebated most of the extra money they had demanded. Basically, they’re allowed to scam people. I would never use their service again.

    FIOS got great reviews initially, but lately I’ve heard nothing positive about it. Someone in my building tried to get us to be early adopters when they entered the District, but everyone in the building would have had to agree to the service.

  • Rich

    Check Consumers Checkbook for car dealers. They’ll have copies in the public library. When I still had a car, Brown came out on top for close-in dealers, but I used Herson because of the Metro access (the shuttle is pretty un-neccesary). At the time–a few years ago, they were relatively expensive and mediocre, in terms of ratings, but served my purpose (routine maintenance on a car that was just a few years old).

  • Alan

    I thought NOMA had free outdoor wifi?


    Forget about paying for it!

  • brads

    Thanks for the comments, folks. Did more research and neither RCN or Fios are available. Looks like I get to pick between two turds: Comcast or Verizon DSL

  • Anonymous

    It’s a bit of a hike, but Honda of Bowie is great. I bought my car from them back in 2008 when I lived in Silver Spring and would go out of my way to take it there for service up until 2012 because I never had a bad experience. I’ve since been taking it to Landmark Honda in Alexandria, and it’s been a much different story–always feel like I’m getting overcharged and asked for service I don’t need/want. Hope that helps and best of luck!


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