Washington, DC


First the (relatively) good news: ‏@ScoMoses tweeted us the photo above around 10pm from 16th and Lamont St, NW.

MPD then wrote:

“On today’s date, at approximately 20:45 hours, an adult female victim was robbed of her purse at the intersection of Park Road. Frand Hyatt Place, NW. (Robbery Snatch).

Upon observing the robbery, several concerned citizens pursued the suspect on foot and apprehended him in the 1600 block of Lamont Street, NW and held him there until 3D VICE arrived. The victim identified the suspect at time of stop and members of 3D VICE placed him under arrest for “Robbery”.

The citizens in this case should be commended for their utmost bravery, assistance to MPD and their compassion for the victim. Great Job D.C. Citizens !!!”

Now for the less “good” news: Around 10/10:30pm I also received multiple reports along the lines of:

Around 100+ people just streamed down from Georgia and Varnum with 10+ cop cars in tow making crazy sirens – half the crowd was running for their lives, half walking. Pretty intense. Cop cars still straggling here. Any intel on what it was???”

I have seen no reports from MPD but will try to find out more.


“an establishment (5100 blk of Georgia Ave) held a youth birthday gogo party …. The venue had vast fights and was overcrowded, thus MPD had to disperse the crowds which fled into the street …down the street and to the Metro area…. We have asked both DCRA and ABRA for a review of said license and we took a report … 2 officers were injured as well to control said crowd.”

@DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“1D Stabbing_0007 hrs_7th St at E St. NW_No Lookout”

“Stabbing _0153 Hrs _ 3800 Blk East Capitol St NE_LOF: B/M with dreads, wearing dark clothing”

“Stabbing _ 0219 Hrs _ 3400 Benning Rd NE _ No Lookout”

“3D Stabbing_0237 hrs_700 blk Gresham Pl. NW_No Lookout”

“3D Stabbing_0304 hrs_1400 blk Chapin St NW_No Lookout”

“1D stabbing, 400 block 2nd street nw, one adult male stabbed in back conscious and breathing.”

“1D stabbing, 800 block North Capitol Street NE, Conscious and breathing”


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