Good Deal or Not? “lovely deck overlooking a serene and private garden retreat” edition

by Prince Of Petworth June 17, 2014 at 12:55 pm 21 Comments

4512 Argyle Terrace Northwest

This house is located at 4512 Argyle Terrace, Northwest. The listing says:

“This beautifully renovated home is in the sought after Crestwood community. Conveniently located minutes from downtown and the tranquil surroundings of Rock Creek park .The sun-filled open contemporary layout features a wonderful new kitchen, brand new stainless steel appliances and a gorgeous waterfall island that opens to the lovely deck overlooking a serene and private garden retreat.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3 bath is going for $995,900.

  • Mt P

    Am I reading the price right? Seriously?

  • karna

    No pictures of the “wonderful new kitchen” or “serene and private garden retreat”?

    • anonymous

      I know, right? Serious listing fail. If you’re going to highlight it in the text, you need to include pix.

    • At least you can see part of the corner of the “gorgeous waterfall island”.

  • Anonymous

    This seems wildly underpriced

    • Anonymous

      do you mean overpriced? i’d say it’s about $100k overpriced. Crestwood is a great neighborhood but there are much better homes for around this price. similar splits are going for in the $750 range.

  • stcohi

    If I’m not mistaken, I don’t believe this house is zoned to Wilson HS anymore. Wonder what home prices in Crestwood will do as a result…

    • Eponymous

      Assuming the proposed boundaries become the actual boundaries, I think you’re correct.

    • wd

      ^this. Considering the new boundaries, not a good deal.

      • Eponymous

        I don’t know. It’s quite a lot of house for the money compared to, say, Logan Circle or U Street (also crummy schools). It is hard to imagine prices in Crestwood NOT being affected by the boundary changes, but in the long term I think they’ll be fine.

        • Beth

          These comments all assume that the boundary changes actually will take place, but that doesn’t seem to be a done deal.

    • anon

      That hasn’t happened yet. But to your point, prices may level off or drop a bit as the scared people move out / don’t buy there.
      As the new middle school at MacFarland gains momentum from the more enterprising folks in the neighborhood, Crestwood will suddenly join the bandwagon, and prices will go back up. Good opportunity for investment in a real gem of a neighborhood.

      And yes, the people in Crestwood are not enterprising when it comes to mingling with the lower classes.

  • brookland_rez

    Only in DC does a dated 1960’s split level go for $1 million.

    • Also in California…

    • Stavros

      For reals. It’s the only city in the whole wide world with some overpriced real estate.

  • Deal-ish

    Deal-ish. If they’d put in another couple photos of the lawn, that would help. Beautiful, quiet area. I’d live there in a second.

  • John

    Most of Crestwood is Deal M. and Wilson HS. This part of Crestwood is Powell E, other parts of Crestwood near 16th are West Ele.

    Why no kitchen and yard pics?

    Otherwise looks nice, well maintained, clean and updated/new.

    I think it will sell close to 900K due to size and lack of achitectural style.

    • Anonymous

      Under the new proposal, it’s not. That wooshing noise you just heard is the Crestwood real estate market deflating.

      • Anonymous

        hardly. Capitol Hill and Hill East aren’t isn’t zoned for Deal and WIlson and it hasn’t stop prices form climbing to insane levels.

  • Anonymous

    $623/ sq. ft. if they didn’t finish any additional space when they flipped this. Bad deal.

  • ET

    I wondered what that flipper paid for that a few months ago but the real property databases indicates a prices of $620,000.00 on sale date 02/18/2014. I guess paint, new front/garage doors, new front door light, and cut all the bushes down (thank you Google Streetview) with a bit of kitchen/bath work was worth $376,000.

    Zillow’s Valuation Range is:
    High: $875,891
    Low: $761,289


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