Good Deal or Not? “custom iron work + exposed brick” edition (multiple reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth June 2, 2014 at 12:55 pm 45 Comments


This house is located at 1601 Rosedale St, NE. The listing says:

“Completely RENOVATED end unit home w/3BR/3.5BA. 3 floors. Open + spacious floor plan. Solid hardwood floors, custom iron work + exposed brick. Gourmet kitchen w/ island, granite, + steel. Generously sized BRs w/ attached BAs. Top floor has grand master suite w/ BA + vaulted ceilings. Marble + porcelain BAs. Rooftop deck w/ peek-a-boo views of Capitol + Monument. Secure parking.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $709,000.

Ed. Note: Many the readers who emailed and tweeted about it, request a “judging of the pop up” too.

  • Anonymous

    No thanks!

  • DM

    It looks like Jenga.

    Fine enough on the inside, but $700k seems a bit steep for this far east, doesn’t it?

  • I’m going to set aside the debate about whether this area, this far east, is garnering this price point yet (generally speaking, it’s not), and just state that this looks like a really nicely done renovation. All brick front pop-up that maintains the style of the home as well is a big win.

    • Anonymous

      No offense, but whenever someone thinks an area “farther out” is overpriced, they’re usually wrong. And I speak from experience. It’s still hard for me to believe that people are already paying anything close to that anywhere in the H Street NE area.

      • Have you looked at the map for nearby recent sales? Because I have, and this would be a groundbreaking sale for the neighborhood if it goes at list price.

        • Anonymous

          Your snark was a little unwarranted. Look at the map again, the price per sq ft and the note about 1528 Gales below.

          • If you’re comparing to either of the houses on Gales, this price per square foot is still HIGHER, and the finishes don’t appear as high quality (they do look nice, but comparatively not as nice). It’s also further east. So yes, I would still say this place getting over 700K would be a major milestone for the neighborhood.

          • Anonymous

            Clearly something must be wrong with my math. This property 1601 Rosedale is 1800 sq ft and listed at 709K. Therefore 1601 Rosedale is $393 per sq ft.

            1528 Gales is listed as 1248 sq ft and sold for 695K. Therefore 1528 sold at $557 per sq ft. Granted as I noted below, it is likely that 1528 is larger than the listed sq ft but I’m going by what is listed. http://www.redfin.com/DC/Washington/1528-Gales-St-NE-20002/home/10112128

            I also toured 1528 while on the market and yes, the finishes were nice but I personally can’t tell how much nicer those finishes are (if at all) compared to 1601 Rosedale.

            You are correct though 1601 is a whopping 0.024 miles east of 1528.

          • You’re right, 1528 was higher $/sqft, 1531 (a nicer property, imo), was actually the lower one. If anything it just shows that this neighborhood still doesn’t have a baseline when it comes to this price point.

  • Eponymous

    That floorplan looks horribly cramped and inconvenient; I’d pass. I actually think the pop up turned out pretty well though.

  • Janie4

    Great pop-up, but the inside isn’t to my taste. The kitchen is great, but the extra space in the pop-up does not seem well utilized, and the photos do not give a good view of the master bath.Still, three good size bedrooms, and three real baths is nice, although if there’s no basement, that limits storage.

  • Jay

    Is the place cramped or is the photographer just no good? Seems like this would be a great location if they ever healed the urban fabric that was destroyed by Hechinger Mall up there…

  • Anonymous

    so narrow!

    • anon

      Pretty standard for a DC row home.

  • Jfrisk

    Beautifully done renovation in rapidly improving area. The price may be a little high, but there is a lot of value in Kingman Park. Well done.

  • H St Resident

    I live one block north of this house and was hoping it would be featured on this blog!
    1 – not sure what “peek a boo” views are, but the owner will have a clear view of 2 section 8 complexes (Azeeze Bates and the Pentacle)
    2- the off street parking is one of those faux garages. I think they look awful, but having off street parking is a nice amenity.
    3- nothing in this immediate neighborhood (Rosedale, Kramer, Gales, 16th) has hit $700k yet. Houses are creeping up in the $500 – $600k range, but it isn’t quite at $700k.

    I’m curious as to what others think of this place!

    • Anon

      1531 Gales St

      • I remember that property. It has a lot of unique elements that really make it an outlier versus the rest of the neighborhood.

        • Anonymous

          1528 Gales sold on April 9 for 695K.

          Similar layout and listed at just over 1200 sq ft although probably more. Yes, 1528 had beautiful finishes but judging from the pics so is this place. I wouldn’t call a 709 groundbreaking sales price.

      • H St Resident

        I think 1531 is actually 2 units -I think the basement is a 2nd unit, although the entire house was gutted and sold as one.

      • Anonymous


    • Kam

      I agree. We are probably neighbors given that I too live on H st. across Benning from here and I would be very surprised if anything was getting over $500K. I know a lady across the street recently sold for a little over $300K.

  • sbc

    If the neighborhood requires metal bars over the doors, wouldn’t you want them on the large windows right on the same level as well?

  • Anonymous

    They did a fantastic job matching the brick work. I saw this going up and they seemed to have spent a long time getting things done the right way (although visually I wish the extension wasn’t there). The neighborhood is weird, so who knows if they’ll get the price. Either way 700+ is a little jarring – listing in the very high 600Ks would have lessened the shock.

  • Anonymous

    I saw this place at the open house, and it was really well done. Very open feel on the main level, doesn’t feel small at all, great kitchen, all high-end finishes. All three bedrooms have an en suite bathroom, and the master suite is really big taking up almost an entire private floor. The roof-deck is also a really nice touch and gives the area a great outdoor space.

    It’s more expensive than other houses this far east, but this same house further to the west on H St could go for 900k+. I suspect whoever get this house will do pretty well over the long run.

  • Anonymous

    They put in windows that open outwards, so they couldn’t put bars on them if they wanted to. Seems like an oversight, and an expensive one at that, if the new owner wants to put security bars up.

  • Ryan

    It’s a nice place, that’s bigger than the majority of houses in the immediate area. Therefore, it lacks comparable recent sales. It will probably go for somewhere in the mid to upper 600’s. Possibly higher due to the continuously hot DC market and rising prices.

  • Formerly from H st NE

    Pool and library – one block away. Short walk to Stadium Armory Metro or could take X2 or D6. The pop-up looks great – good things are a short bit away but the immediate area is still a bit sketch. Maybe $585k

  • Anonymous

    This house (http://www.redfin.com/DC/Washington/310-14th-St-NE-20002/home/9913474), with a less spacious–but much more tasteful–pop-up, and a significantly better location, was listed for 100K less.

    • It’s also a smaller home. Is that pop-up only a partial on the back half of the home?

    • Anonymous

      It also went under contract in 6 days – I would not be shocked if it goes above list.

  • ET

    If I was looking online at listings this picture of the exterior would turn me off though the photos of the interior are better quality. It looks like the camera angles make the place look wider than it actually is. it looks like there had been extension on the house but considering it was pretty much a shell when the street view was taken this is a win for the neighborhood. I actually think it may have actually been over-improved. It is right across from an elementary school which may be an issues for some.

    Still, think it is a little over priced so I would be interested to know what it does eventually sell for.

  • SF

    This isn’t a “good deal” (especially with no basement) but it should get close to asking. The Rosedale/Kingman Park naysayers have no idea what they are talking about. They can continue to complain about inability to buy in DC while I stroll to Eastern Market every weekend.

    • Lmi


    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous


  • Hillhound528

    I live a stone’s throw from this place and I am still shocked by the asking price. This property was a gut rehab that the community very nearly had demo’d due to its crumbling roof and water damage. I was excited about the rehab and many of us spoke with the owner often while they were working on it. He set that 700K price early on and we wondered what improvements would be made to justify the price. I personally think it’s a little over budget but he absorbed nearly $240k just to get the shell via the tax sale so I think he’s trying to make up the difference.
    I would have preferred brick exterior for the entire home as we just had a shoddy rehab( sold for nearly 550k) lose all of its siding in a storm earlier this year.

  • Anonymous

    I visited the open house yesterday. Overall was really impressed with the rehab work, although the access to the rooftop (a steep ladder climb) and some other odd layouts were disappointing. Bottomline, even though I think it will get close to asking with how high Hill places are going and people naturally casting their gaze eastward, that neighborhood can be very very rough. Just walking around during the day time on Rosedale Street made me feel uncomfortable.

    • anonymous

      Hmm…not sure what you saw on Rosedale other than hipsters, yuppies and working class folk (albeit there is the occasional teenager) but then again some people get nervous easily. Rosedale is leaps and bounds better than it was and much less scary than 16th street or even H street for that matter. I don’t think the issue is the scariness factor more so that you can get a nicer home for less money within a 1/2 mile of the listing.

      • z

        while it’s cute that you tired to make an insult with the “some people get nervous easily”, you should note that during the day there really wouldn’t be many hipsters, yuppies, or working class people around since they are at work. so you have what is a fairly desolate neighborhood sprinkled with a few bored teenagers and young men hanging around doing nothing.

        also in the past year there have been 18 violent crimes and 43 other crimes within 1000 feet of this place.

        • anonymous

          The open house was on a Sunday so as I posted…the people on the street (on a Sunday during the day) would have been yuppies, hipsters and working class. The exact same type of people found along the H Street corridor. Those crime stats that you trotted out were also not on Rosedale which is the exact point that I was making. If someone is afraid of Rosedale which is a street filled predominantly with families and young professionals then I’m pretty sure that the H Street area in general fills them with dread. With that said, my original comment holds… they probably would be uncomfortable pretty much anywhere in the H Street corridor.

          • Anonymous

            i bet you’ll find that not to be true. but i’m sure you love your neighborhood.

  • soozles

    I think it’s a shame that they put in those types of windows that cannot be easily opened and allow for the nice breezes we had this weekend. Plus, I just think they’re ugly. I think the finishes throughout were mostly pedestrian. Way overpriced, IMO.

  • Dave Kingman Park

    Considering that this house (http://www.cbmove.com/property/details/1264387/MLS-DC8342114/522-24th-Street-Northeast-Washington-DC-20002.aspx) sold around asking I am not surprised at this price.

    24th St. one doesn’t have a finished basement (+50K), a lot less sq. footage and nowhere near the finishes.

    This area is nuts lately.

    • Anonymous

      The house is a nice size but what is going on with the bedroom/sunroom combo? Why leave the original door and windows in on an enclosed space?


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