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Sweet Indoor Cat Needs a Home:

“Sweet-natured rescue cat, Zidane, who has lived with me for 8 years, needs a new home. Ever since I got pregnant, Zidane has made clear that he would like a new home (I have taken him to the vet and there is nothing wrong). He is a big teddy bear of a cat who loves to hang out (but not too close), and talk back when you talk to him. He is around 9 years old, is indoor and fixed, and has a sensitive stomach which just means predominantly wet food (dry treats once in a while only), and a dash of Myralax in each feeding. Zidane really is the nicest cat I have ever met, and I really want to place him in a new home instead of taking my chances with a shelter. You may reach me at anitasinha11(at)gmail(dot)com if you are interested or have any questions. Thank you!”

Liam, A Dog-Like Cat In Need of New Home:

“Looking for a new home for Liam, a 10-year old cat with a dog-like personality. He’s been our family cat since he was a kitten. He loves to cuddle, play and generally be around people. We’ve recently discovered our youngest is allergic so we’re looking for a family or person looking for the companionship a friendly pet can bring. He’s in good health with all shots, neutered, and recently checked out by the vet (City Paws on 14th).”

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