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From the Forum – Looking for a mason to re-point our whole garage and What’s up with the Sudden-Time-Drop Pedestrian Lights in Columbia Heights?


Looking for a mason to re-point our whole garage:

“Looking for a reliable mason to re-point our whole (1 car) garage. We live in Adams Morgan and have a garage that has fallen into disrepair (cement literally falling off the walls).
I’m had a few small fixes done in the past, and have not had much success with honest, reliable masons.

We would welcome any recommendations/suggestions. This seems like a large job!”

What’s up with the Sudden-Time-Drop Pedestrian Lights in Columbia Heights?

“I have lived in Columbia Heights/Petworth for a year, and generally get around by bicycle. As such, my main north/south routes are 11th and 14th streets NW. I have noticed that several lights on these streets have pedestrian crossing lights that suddenly drop from 21 seconds to 5 seconds. Intersections where I often see this happen include 11th/Euclid, 11th/Kenyon, and 14th/Upshur. Last night on my bikeride home at 7 PM every pedestrian crossing lights on 11th between Florida and Monroe displayed this behavior.

Anyone know why lights in CH are set up this way? I bike around DC and haven’t seen similar crossing light time drops, nor have I seen this in other cities where I have lived. Aside from being perplexing, it is a little frustrating when you are starting on a block and think that you have 20 seconds to cover the block and get through the intersection, but then get stopped when the light changes 15 seconds prematurely.”

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