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From the Forum – Liberty Power – another source of “green” energy?

by Prince Of Petworth June 10, 2014 at 2:10 pm 9 Comments

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Liberty Power – another source of “green” energy?

“I was in Petworth Yes Organic Market this evening and noticed an ad for a partnership between Yes! and Liberty Power as an alternative source of electricity, purportedly through clean power. I’ve gone to the offer website and couldn’t find details on how the electricity service works. Going to the Liberty Power website, one can find some info about “Liberty Green”, but this service appears to use electricity revenue to purchase renewable energy credits, rather than purchasing electricity directly from solar or wind energy providers.

When I bought my house in the winter i was interested in using Clean Currents for electricity, but they went bust in February before i could get signed up.

Has anyone used Liberty Power for electricity, and any thoughts on whether this offer actually represents a good source of renewable energy, or if this is just greenwashing?”

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  • jcm

    There’s nothing wrong with electrical providers who use RECs. It still promotes increased supply of green power. That said, I’ve never heard of Liberty, and they aren’t on the PSC’s list of electric suppliers
    I currently use Ethical Electric for my 100% wind power. They use local wind providers, and their rates are pretty good. They do some lefty activism stuff, though. If that kind of thing bothers you there’s several other providers. You can see some other choices for 100% wind power on the PSC’s site.

    • jcm

      I forgot to include a link to the PDF on the PSC’s site. Here it is:


      Verdidian is an MLM, which personally would avoid. Clearview has a nice price for 6 months but is high for a 12-month contract. I would go with either Ethical or WGES on a 12-month contract if I were signing up today. I use WGES as my gas supplier, and they buy carbon offsets to cover 100% of my natural gas usage.

  • When Clean Currents went bust (they fell victim to high pricing on the spot green power market), a number of their customers went to Ethical Electric and WGES in addition to Liberty. A number of those companies do purchase RECs generated either nationally or regionally. If you do want to support an actual renewable energy project, you might want to reach out to Groundswell or some type of solar co-op. Good luck!

  • jfkl

    Maybe Yes! is run on the power of positive thinking?

  • anonymous

    Washington Gas provides wind-only electricity, but it appears you’re too late to sign up on this go-around. http://www.groundswell.org/programs/for-homes

  • SJD

    Groundswell negotiates with suppliers for people who express interest prior to the negotiation – so they have a group number for leverage. They just did a buy and got great prices from WGES. I signed up and am now paying less for 100% wind than I used to pay with WGES previously for 50% wind. It was their first or second residential buy as they used to only do it for commercial, but they only do it two times a year. The next time is in the fall.

    • jcm

      Do you mind sharing the price you’re paying? Thanks.

    • brightwood

      washington gas energy services was canvassing brightwood this weekend looking to sign folks up for competitive services with 50% or 100% wind.

      what are the rates for people getting “local wind power”? do you know which wind projects they’re contracted with?

      if you want to be “green” try to get net-metered solar. if you rent, it is tougher. but that’s the most direct thing you can do where your actions lead to more renewables. it also kind of coincides with peak demand meaning you’re helping not turn on the dirtier peaking plants. the voluntary REC market is nice but no one builds new renewables thinking they can cash in on voluntary purchases from these kinds of providers. maybe a big utility offering a 50%/100% green power program for customers is different.

  • anonymous

    Liberty Power is legit. They don’t market “Liberty Green” that much themselves, but that’s where their program with Go Good comes in which puts up marketing materials at small businesses.
    Liberty Power is certified by Green-E, the EPAs recommended green product verification organization, and registered to sell RECs in DC: http://apps3.eere.energy.gov/greenpower/buying/buying_power.shtml?state=DC&print


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