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From the Forum – How much did it cost to re-paint your rowhouse? and where to Dispose of a window a/c unit?

by Prince Of Petworth June 13, 2014 at 2:10 pm 32 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

How much did it cost to re-paint your rowhouse?

“We are looking to paint the exterior (front only) of our Petworth rowhouse. The brick is stained after years (decades?) of neglect and power washing has made no dent in the ugly.

How much did it cost you to paint your place? Did you do it yourself? If so, was it horrible–if you could do it again, would you choose to DIY? If you hired someone–how much did that cost and would you recommend them?

Thanks for any information you can share!”

Dispose of a window a/c unit:

“I just got a frosty and energy efficient new window unit for my condo living room. The old one is sitting on the living room floor while I figure out how to dispose of it responsibly. I understand that I cannot get a bulk pick up from DPW since I am in a multifamily building. In order to take it to the Fort Totten transfer station, DPW says I would need to have the Freon removed. PEPCO does not do refrigerator and air conditioner pick up in DC, like they do in Maryland. I used a junk removal service before to get rid of an air conditioner, but I had other bulk items to get rid of that time to make the minimum pickup ($99, if I recall) worth it. How have others gotten rid of old window units? Does anyone know a reasonably priced pick up service, a scrap yard type place or even a place to get Freon removed so that I can take it to Fort Totten?”

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