From the Forum – How much did it cost to re-paint your rowhouse? and where to Dispose of a window a/c unit?

by Prince Of Petworth June 13, 2014 at 2:10 pm 32 Comments

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How much did it cost to re-paint your rowhouse?

“We are looking to paint the exterior (front only) of our Petworth rowhouse. The brick is stained after years (decades?) of neglect and power washing has made no dent in the ugly.

How much did it cost you to paint your place? Did you do it yourself? If so, was it horrible–if you could do it again, would you choose to DIY? If you hired someone–how much did that cost and would you recommend them?

Thanks for any information you can share!”

Dispose of a window a/c unit:

“I just got a frosty and energy efficient new window unit for my condo living room. The old one is sitting on the living room floor while I figure out how to dispose of it responsibly. I understand that I cannot get a bulk pick up from DPW since I am in a multifamily building. In order to take it to the Fort Totten transfer station, DPW says I would need to have the Freon removed. PEPCO does not do refrigerator and air conditioner pick up in DC, like they do in Maryland. I used a junk removal service before to get rid of an air conditioner, but I had other bulk items to get rid of that time to make the minimum pickup ($99, if I recall) worth it. How have others gotten rid of old window units? Does anyone know a reasonably priced pick up service, a scrap yard type place or even a place to get Freon removed so that I can take it to Fort Totten?”

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  • Anonymous

    Put the AC unit on the sidewalk w/ a sign saying “Free/Gratis” and it’ll disappear on its own.

    • jim_ed

      Similarly, put it in a box on your porch and slap a UPS sticker on it, and it’ll also disappear on its own.

      • Anonymous


      • textdoc


      • soozles


      • LOL

      • nate

        haha nice

  • Accountering

    I don’t know if this makes me a bad person, but I would likely just cover it with some other junk, drive to Ft Totten, and then dump it.
    Perhaps it makes me a bad person :)

  • Anonymous

    newer ac units dont have freon in them and arent hazardous. you can either call for bulk pickup or drop it at FT Totten on your own

  • textdoc

    If the old one still works, you could also try listing it in the Craigslist free section or on Freecycle.

    • Anonymous

      +1000 on Craigslist. People will take away almost anything, especially if it has scrap value (lots of copper in an a/c unit).
      If it still works, you could probably get $20 for it. If not, put it in the free section and it’ll probably be gone in a couple of hours at most.

  • It didn’t cost me anything to paint my brick rowhouse, because after paying around 18,000 to have it re-pointed in order to cure the issues caused by the original painting, I wasn’t about to mess it up again!

    And for the AC – post it free on Craigslist.

    • Jack5

      Wowzers! I paid @11k for my place in 2013 and that was for front and back, also got another quote from renissance for $10k… you must have a corner lot?

      • Anon

        I paid $16K to get the back and side wall and the chimney at the top of my house repointed, but i have a large victorian. It was a 3+ week job by Edgar Masonry.

  • Appx 1900 sqft home on a corner (so 3 walls to paint) we were quoted 5600 I believe. This includes painting doors, window trim, etc, and power washing beforehand, and using highest quality Sherwin Williams paint. Still waiting on the new doors to arrive, so painting hasn’t begun, therefore can’t comment on the quality as yet.

    • dcd

      Can you share the company/individual you are using? We’re in the market as well.

    • Power wash?

      Aren’t you afraid of damaging the mortar?

      • It’s already painted from the previous owners. If it weren’t we definitely wouldn’t be washing / painting.

  • [email protected]

    They’ll take AC units at Community Forklift

  • SF

    I can’t remember the exact amount, but it was a few thousand (maybe $2500) to have my house painted. Don’t skimp. Make sure the painters use a tinted primer coat. It should take more than a day. A crappy paint job will look okay for a couple of months but will bubble up and flake off in under a year. A good paint job will last 5-7 years.

  • M

    I think I paid ~ $3K to have my very small row house painted, front and back, trim included (circa 2011). It was well worth it — I can’t imagine it would have looked half as good if I had tried to do it myself.

  • Trinidaddy

    I got a fantastic deal. Mid-size semi-detached victorian, two floors, painted brick and trim. Used Sherwin Williams Super Paint. I think I paid 1600. 3 years later, still looks great.

    • mmm

      who did the work?

  • Anon

    Can’t you just call 311 and request DC’s free bulk trash pick up? We’ve done that for a ton of things we dont want and which won’t fit in our regular trash.

    • textdoc

      From the original post, it sounds like the OP lives in a building that has four or more units and is thus not served by DPW: “I understand that I cannot get a bulk pick up from DPW since I am in a multifamily building.”
      (DPW serves residential buildings with three or fewer units.)

  • anon

    on AC units – you can put in request for bulk pickup. mine were taken off the street before the bulk pickup folks arrived, which makes me wonder if they tip off salvage people to lighten their load. You can include 7 items per pickup every 2 (maybe 3?) weeks. I’ve had good experience — the online system works and they’ve always been timely and responsive

  • JS

    If you live in a building with more than three units, DPW doesn’t provide your garbage service and thus you cannot utilize their free bulk pickup.

  • Anonymous

    I dropped off two old A/Cs at the Ft. Totten transfer station a couple of weeks ago no problem.

  • Anonymous

    I have not painted mine yet, but got quotes from two companies that came recommended. The first was Innovative Painters: http://www.innovativepainters.com and the other was Tech Painting Company, Inc. in Alexandria. Innovative Painters came in at roughly half the cost, $2800 vs Tech’s $4900. When I asked for the breakout, Tech was charging way more for labor and from what I can see they were using the same materials. I’ll probably go with Innovative Painters. Hope that helps!

  • Anonymous

    It was around $4,500 and we have a three level house (just the facade, not the back). We have dormers with architectural details that we had specially done and we used 4 different paint colors so that cost extra. We also had them remove aluminum siding from the brick.

  • Anon

    You can recycle it at the scrap yard and get a couple of bucks for it.

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