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From the Forum – Columbia Heights outdoor movie nights? and Another Landlord Rent Issue

Photo from 2011’s movie night by PoPville flickr user Mr.TinDC

Does anyone know what happened to the Columbia Heights outdoor movie nights?

“A few years ago some group hosted outdoor movies a few times over the summer in the soccer field at Tubman Elementary on 11th St NW. The events usually had a good turnout and folks seemed to enjoy them, but then they just stopped. Anyone know what happened?”

Photo from 2011’s movie night by PoPville flickr user ep_jhu

Landlord raising rent on month-to-month lease:

“I’ve lived in a townhouse in NoMa for the last 3 years. My rent started out at an awesomely affordable $912.50/month (per person) and a year later, increased to $925 per person. After our first lease was up, our landlord switched to a month to month agreement (we didn’t sign anything). Since then, our rent has remained the same.

Since then, our landlord has become a completely different person – less cooperative, extremely rude and has made us feel like horrible tenants (even though we take wonderful care of the house). He has been less helpful than he initially was.

This past weekend, we received an email from him out of the blue, telling us he is raising our rent $150. No explanation – just a short, impersonal email that he’s jacking up the prices.

I know I’m probably up shit’s creek, being on a non-contracted month to month lease, but I wanted to hear people’s opinion on this. Is this a situation where I suck it up and pay the increase, or do I talk to him? I should mention that our town house is quite a bit older, old appliances, floors and fixtures. Am I getting ripped off, or is this place still a steal?”

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