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lawn mower repair and/or mowing service:

“We have a Honda Lawnmower that we bought last year but it won’t start after the winter. I put new gas and oil in it, but it still won’t turn over. I am pretty sure its probably a simple repair for someone who knows about mowers. We also don’t have a way to bring the mower to a shop easily. Can someone recommend a reasonably priced and reliable (safe) lawn mower repair service?

We would love a reasonable service to cut the grass in front of our house, and resorted to purchasing the mower since the lawn mowing rates we were quoted in this areas were outrageous… a reasonably priced bi-weekly mowing service/person would also be appreciated.

We are located at the north side of Petworth…”

Tips for disposing dirt?

“I have four big pots (5 gallon I think) filled with dirt that I need to get rid of, and have no idea how. I live in a second floor apartment, so carrying all that dirt downstairs would be difficult. Besides, I don’t think I can just put all of this dirt into the trash even if I did get it down the stairs. So I am wondering if there any service that will come and pick it up? Or as a last resort, if I need to rent a car, is there a place I can bring it?”

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