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Good Deal or Not? “all brick townhouse” edition

by Prince Of Petworth — April 28, 2014 at 12:55 pm 17 Comments

425 15th Street Southeast

This house is located at 425 15th Street, Southeast. The listing says:

“Capitol Hill! Gorgeous 2 br, 2 ba all brick townhouse, 3 blocks to metro. Short walk to Eastern Market, close to shops and eateries. Exposed brick, Light filled bay windows in LR&MBR, refin. HW throughout. Newly remod. kit in 2013: granite, stainless, (5 burner Gas Range w convection), French door fridge, custom shaker style cabinets, Lg rear yard for enjoying the weather! Gar. Pkg.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $719,500.

  • Looks to be in good condition throughout, with a decent renovation. That garage is a nice bonus. Buyers should be alerted that this is not Capitol Hill as the advertisement alludes to though, it’s just east of it. Minor detail, but could mean a lot in terms of perceived property value.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed on all your points. This is Hill East/Stadium Armory.
      My buddy lives a block from here. While the housing stock is great and you’re within walking distance of all the lovely things in Capitol Hill, there is a distinct difference in terms of petty crime, street environment, and school quality. My buddy is selling his house next year, in order to move elsewhere for his kid’s kindergarten year.

      • anon

        except you’re totally wrong about school quality. It’s zoned for the Cap Hill Cluster, exactly the same as if they lived right next door to Eastern Market

    • Anonymous

      agree. tha’d be like simultaneously claiming H st and Capitol Hill

  • Anonymous

    A gorgeous house, thoughtful renovation, with great outdoor space. But it’s still a two bedroom house with no basement and relatively narrow. I’d have to say bad deal, but like always there’s a chance my price expectations aren’t aligned with the ever-changing reality.

    On the plus side, you’re stumbling distance to pretzel bakery for hangover-curing breakfast sliders.

  • Anonymous

    This is a beautiful house and a great reno. however, that location is hardly capitol hill. I’d say 600k would be a “good deal”.

  • Anonymous

    It may not be Cap Hill, but this is a good deal and I would say it will go for asking or a little bit above. There is so little on the market right now and houses are selling fast.

    • There was very low inventory last year, this year it’s back up quite a bit. In that price range I would definitely go for this place that’s actually in Capitol Hill:
      Or spend a little more and get a place that’s right on Lincoln Park (granted, it’s not renovated, but what an amazing block):
      Heck, if you’re going to go with the “surrounding area of Captiol Hill” I would even take this one over the featured listing:

    • anon

      it is Cap Hill — Hill East. . and it’s only about 1 block east of the Cap Hill historic district

      • “Hill East” is a made up real estate term. Capitol Hill is an actual recognized neighborhood. Saying something is “near” something is not the same as being in it, especially when it comes to real estate values in DC, and that goes to the determination of “deal” or not.

        • anon

          The Historic district is nominally the dividing line, but old timers will tell you that was always a somewhat artificial distinction. Some to the east of the Historic District would consider themselves residents of Kingman Park or Barney Circle rather than “Cap Hill” or “Hill East”

          The nascently fashionable H St was thrilled to be considered “Cap Hill” not that long ago

  • Anon

    Good deal. 3 blocks further west it would be $100,000 more. Hill East has all the neighborhood/ family friendly benefits of the Hill with just a bit longer of a walk. That area is very safe too – it’s really only north of C st NE that gets a bit dicier.

    • Anonymous

      Agree on all points. I live in a similar house (minus the garage) near Eastern Market and it’s valued in the 900s these days. Hill East is just as nice, only a little further from the amenities.

      • Anonymous

        eastern market is much different than potomac ave imo

    • Ally

      Agreed. I live at 16th and A St SE, a few blocks away, and it’s a great neighborhood and walking distance to a lot (and got my town home for $200k less than if I’d picked Capitol Hill proper). That being said, I still take an Uber home if I’m out after dark. Which I would also do if I lived in Capitol Hill proper.

      • Anonymous

        Even if it’s after dark like 8pm? I’m a petite woman in Capitol Hill proper and feel comfortable walking home from the metro pretty late. 7th street SE is well lit and fairly lively until the bars close for the night, so I walk up that street, turn the corner, and I’m home. I wouldn’t do it at 4am but it seems safe enough when lots of people are out and about.

      • Rich

        Because a random stranger taking you home in their car is such a safe idea.


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