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DC Taxes – Letter requesting additional documents to verify our ID??

“My husband and I filed joint DC taxes for the first time this year (as we just got married in 2013). I am a new DC resident, but my husband is not. We rec’d a letter in the mail from the DC Government stating they received our taxes, but that to “ensure your identity is protected” we need to (each) send them any 2 of the listed documents – – DC drivers lisence issued before or during 2013, dc vehicle registration from before or during 2013, utility bill from 2013, apartment lease (if applicable) dated 2013, 2013 real property tax bill (if applicable). Additionally, they want us to provide them with the amount we listed on line 3 of a 2012 DC return (if one was filed)

Everything appears legit about the letter but neither of us have ever heard of anything like this before so before we send off copies of our documents I just wanted to see if anyone has heard of this/experienced this. We purchased a home in DC in 2013 and applied for homstead deduction, so I wondered if it might be an attempt to make sure we really are residents or something? Just seemed odd. Comments/insights welcome!”

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