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Good Deal or Not? “Luxury abounds” edition

by Prince Of Petworth — March 7, 2014 at 1:00 pm 46 Comments

3030 K Street, NW

Rounding out house porn week is this unit from 3030 K Street, NW. The listing says:

“Luxury abounds in this truly stunning 4,100+ sq.ft. penthouse w/ over $3M+ in high-end updates & sweeping 180 degree views of the Potomac River. A masterpiece featuring gourmet chefs kitchen, master suite w/ his/hers BA & walk-in closets, 2nd BR w/ en-suite BA, 2.5 additional BA, grand living room/dining room w/ sweeping views of river, maids room, almost 1,000 sq.ft. terrace, & 2 car parking.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 2 bed/4.5 bath is going for $4,995,000 ($6,718 monthly fee.)

  • Anonymous

    Wow, 3 million in upgrades? Did they pay someone 3mil to puke ugly all over the place?

    • Jack5

      As I go through this week’s GDON posts, I often hear Robyn Leach narrating each slide… I’m shocked and appalled to find out that bourgeois snobs have been staring at poor people from these exclusive rooftop locations. I’d like to know where they’re actually moving to next, but I’d willingly bet that these are only temporary 4th homes for them that they’re simply letting go because of property tax hikes that they don’t care to pay in protest.

  • Anonymous

    I strongly dislike the columns in the living room. It really messes with the space visually. I would rather have multiple rooms and the load born on the walls, than those big columns dotted throughout.
    Also, I don’t understand the rationale behind two bedrooms and four full bathrooms. I can see having more than one half-bath; maybe you entertain a lot. But under what circumstances are the residents of a two-bedroom house going to be taking four simultaneous showers? I would have used some of my “$3M+ in high end upgrades” to make the layout more logical and useful.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I think the master has two baths (his and hers). Then there is a second bed w/bath making 3 full baths. And finally, there is a maid’s room where I would assume there is the 4th full bath.

  • carlosthedwarf

    Way overdone. Nouveau riche pomposity at its worst. And who needs four full baths in a two bedroom apartment? To be fair, this would make a great setting for an adult film.

    • ET

      I definitely agree with the overdone. Some of that is decor that thankfully goes with the seller…..

      I will say that they seem to have invested a lot in fixed things and some of the decor choices that you know weren’t cheap and I just wonder why they (or their decorator) didn’t get original art. The cheap knock-offs of well known paintings in art museums aren’t going to fool anyone. They don’t indicate class they just show guests that while you have a lot of money for fancy decor you can’t be bothered to get original art. That might have worked in a world that wasn’t as big and where people hadn’t seen the original in the museum but not now.

      • Anonymous

        My guess is that the original art has already been shipped back to NYC, London, or Switzerland. They left up the terrible copies and this leftover furniture for staging purposes.

        • wildlife biologist

          LOL that the Renoir in the bathroom is a copy because the “original” is in transit.

        • Anonymous

          How do you know it’s a copy?

  • Anonymous

    Gaudy. And those blue couches and pillows? Yeesh.

  • dcreal

    The only things I like are
    1.) the Showers
    2.) the “his” closet
    3.) terrace

  • Anonymous

    The tile (marble? whatever) floor everywhere make the whole place seem harsh and cold and like it would be *loud*. And I don’t see any way this could ever feel like a home instead of a suite at a hotel. Maybe that’s what some people want in a home (or a 2nd or 3rd or 4th home), but not for me.

    • AMDCer

      I was thinking the same thing – the whole place is like an echo chamber.

  • charlie

    Is that Saylor’s place?

    • Anonymous

      Funny, I was thinking the same thing…

    • soozles

      I was thinking Connie Chung?

      • Anonymous

        There are a ton of photographs (esp for a place so heavily staged), probably some are identifiable!!

      • cMaryC

        That $30k blue&white couch w/dragons would be an easy clue. But last I heard, her place was in Kalorama. Maybe this is a “loaner” weekend residence of fmr VA Gov McDonnell?

        • Anonymous

          The wedding photo on a table is of a blonde, so seems unlikely to be Connie’s place.

  • Lauren

    Sometimes I really do believe that Washington is exactly like The Capitol in “The Hunger Games”

  • Finally a kitchen that makes me seriously envious, especially with that massive La Cornue range. Those views are sweet too. I’m definitely swooning over the master closet as well. If you’re going to go all out, do it ballsy, like they’ve done. Remove the tacky furnishings and I’m in love.

    • dcreal

      add wood floors, change cabinets, build back the other bedrooms that were probably removed(4full baths- 2beds) then maybe I like it more.

      • Oh, there are definitely things I would theoretically change, but sometimes I can appreciate things a bit too garish 😉

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever actually cooked on a La Cornue? I’ve used at least four, and only one (the old one, made in the earlier days of the company) was anything but a pain in the ass. I would never have one, period, but I would most definitely never have one in the US, since they insist that only their own repair people are allowed to touch it. And yes, that includes flying one in from France. At your expense. And they break a LOT. (I knew one family who had a La Cornue in their high-end showcase kitchen, and a regular consumer stove in the old scullery.)

      • I have, but never in my own home. I wanted one for our kitchen remodel (you can buy them now from Williams Sonoma, which removes a little of the PITA factor), but was convinced to go with a Bertazzoni Heritage instead due to the increased functionality.

        • Anonymous

          What, are they making them electric, with the classic face, or something? The trouble I’ve consistently had (with the ones I used in France) is getting them lit and keeping them lit. Plus, the heat loss off the range top is out of control. It’s a nice looking appliance, but I actually want to cook on my stove, and not singe off my arm hairs trying to make an omelette.

          • They’re making them dual-fuel. Gas stove-top with electric ovens, unless you get the 60 inch model which I think has one gas oven and one electric oven.

  • Anonymous


  • anonnn

    liberace? Is that you?

    • dcreal


    • Anonymous

      No. Invoking Liberace over a real estate listing is like invoking Hitler over a zoning issue.

  • Not a good deal. The condo fee is over $6K?

  • Pixie

    I always wondered what these apartments looked like inside! That view, terrace, and kitchen are killer. The furnishings are completely tacky and hilarious, especially that mirrored bed frame.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else notice the staging? Things keep moving around. Flowers, then no flowers. books, then no books. A whole table is missing at one point. It was like those “find the differences” puzzles

    • Anonymous

      I thought they had a weird thing for large chafing dishes (in the foyer?), but you’re right, it’s the same one in different locations!! The lid even appears on one bookshelf without the base!!

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget the urn planter! It turns up in the bedroom at one point!
      I think these photos were designed to induce insanity in a certain type of person…

  • Truxton Thomas

    I’m thinking the market for this is empty nest couple worth tens of millions of dollars who also happen to like pillows embroidered with geese wearing bonnets.

    • Anonymous

      There are a lot of nice “folksy” touches, like the squirrel ashtray on the kitchen nook and the labrador retriever paper weight on a table in an otherwise empty room.

  • mk

    More evidence that money can’t buy good taste. (But, to be fair, it can buy a great view and an impressive Manolo collection.)

    • Anonymous

      gotta say, I’ve never seen a set of wider looking designer shoes. Those things looked huge!

      This place is atrocious. The staging is just awful. All the finishes are terrible. Such a waste of money. I would not want to be the maid (in the “maid’s room”) that has to polish all that silver.

  • anon

    So many questions. Why does the kitchen have what appear to be shields as a decorating theme? What’s with the padded blue couch wall? Why do they need five elipticals?

    I’ll admit it though, that terace is amazing.

  • The Countess

    Money can’t buy you class…

  • Anonymous

    What on earth do you get for a monthly fee like that?

    • Anonther

      5 elipticals?

  • overonhst

    I’d rather have the last GDoN all to myself than this pile.


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