Good Deal or Not? “insanely cozy with 4 fireplaces” edition

by Prince Of Petworth February 6, 2014 at 1:00 pm 33 Comments


This house is located at 1243 10th Street, Northwest:


The listing says:

“This wonderful retreat in city and is insanely cozy with 4 fireplaces, one in each bedroom, and 2 in the living space. Enjoy the oversized master bathroom and bedrooms flooded with light. Awaiting your finishing touches and personal tastes to complete this home. Parking pad potential with large side yard. 3rd bedroom converted to office/den space.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $875,000.

  • dcd

    There is nothing about that house that is “oversized.” Not even the dog.

    • dcreal

      LMAO!!!! Hilarious…PoP needs to do a “the most funniest comment of the week goes to” post.

  • Anonymous

    Bad deal, even in Boom Town. This place is the size of a postage stamp.

  • Anonymous

    I love this house.

  • SimonJ

    They had me until I saw the bath tub — no shower.

    • K

      The shower is behind the sink. I thought the same thing at first.

    • Anonymous

      or you could just add a shower extension/curtain ring to the existing clawfoot. Hardly deal breaker here.

      There are other things that turn me off more

      • WestEgg

        And crouch down in the fetal position while you shower?

  • textdoc

    It looks like the light fixtures in the bathroom were meant to be outdoor fixtures.

  • Anonymous

    Is this inside the historic district? If not, I guess this is priced for a developer who would tear this down and toss up a 3 or 4 unit condo building on the corner lot. Still way too high, with no square footage listed. I bet this is only 1000 sq feet.

    • Anonymous

      Zillow says its about 1700, which is based the tax records (I think). So, I’m guessing the pictures are just absolutely horrible.

      • Loganite

        Oh, well if it’s really 1700 square feet, then this seems priced nicely. I agree, you’re going to sell your home for $875K, but won’t spend a few hundred bucks to get good photos?

    • Anonymous

      Very historic district. Blagden Alley and Shaw.

  • Anonymous

    $875K? Nah. Probably in the neighborhood of $600K/$650K. I mean, there are 2BR/2BA bi-level condos at 13/N that are going for $500k.

    • Loganite

      I don’t disagree this is high, but presumably you’re not dealing with HOA fees here and you have a yard, which has to count for something. I’d much rather have this single residence than live in a box building full of condos and other people.

      I used to live near this house, always liked it. But I agree, it is probably more $700K. I don’t think their realtor is doing them any favors not having it staged or better photos taken of the entire place. I see one bathroom and no real bedrooms, all taken with a camera phone.

      I also doubt a developer would be able to tear this down. I can’t imagine this isn’t protected.

      • textdoc

        Agreed re. the photos not doing the place any favors. And it’s so unstaged that I’m wondering if the current occupants are renters. Surely owners would have tidied up the place a little bit for the photos? (And the realtor should’ve advised them to depersonalize, too — remove the personal photos, etc.)

        • Anon

          I live a couple doors down from this house, and I’m fairly certain the couple that lives there owns the place.

    • L

      Comparing apples to oranges, I know, but my 1200 sq ft house in Bloomingdale, with a similar layout but obviously fewer bedrooms, is appraising around $550k right now. So I think this price isn’t too far off. No WAY it should go for under $700k, imo.

  • JJ

    From what pictures there are it’s actually a cute little place. Wish there was a picture of the kitchen. Still probably too high priced.

  • Anonymous

    I’m shocked by the comments so far. I’m probably biased because I live in a 900 sq ft house, but this place seems like a good deal to me.

    • Anonymous

      Crack house? ‘Cuz I want what you’re smokin’ in those 900 sq feet.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty disappointed in those fireplaces. I was expecting the antique looking mantels, but these are pretty eh. I love the bathroom minus the weird industrial fixtures. The rest of it is awesome though! We’re putting in a claw foot with a shower enclosure around it- wish we had the space to do a separate shower like that!

  • Anon

    Note the orbs in photos 3 and 4. Orbs = ghosts.

  • tonyr

    I live on this block, so that’s got to be worth a $100K premium.

  • JinDC

    FWIW there’s an ugly house next to Pizolis for 1.07M

    Maybe I’m jaded because we want to move to a house (which has a premium over a condo so there’d that), but I think this is a decent deal – the yard, the area, the charm. Maybe 800k is a “good” deal.

  • lmfb

    I actually love this house. Very charming. Though no pictures of the kitchen is suspicious. Parking potential is huge. Just bought a place and I guess I’m glad I didn’t wait for this one though, because it’s still over what I could have paid. That said, I think it’s fairly priced for the neighborhood. Not a “deal,” maybe, but fair.

    • Anonymous

      Parking potential would require easement from neighbor to allow use of their apron to access the side yard. it’s a strange configuration. Not sure it would be worth the headache.

      • textdoc

        What’s an apron? I thought that the side yard looked to be directly accessible from the alley. (Seems like it would be kind of unsightly to stash a car there, though.)

      • anonn

        What’s an apron?

        • An apron is the concrete access pad for a driveway between the street and sidewalk (“curb cut” is what PoPers usually call it, I think?).

    • Soozles

      Love the bathroom! However, I think it would be tragic to convert that sweet side yard into a parking pad.

  • Ash

    Its a great location, but the house looks tiny and very cramped – and not recently renovated. Looks like its barely 1000 sf – so if its actually much bigger, the pictures and price are guaranteed to keep serious buyers away. Either too much furniture in there, or the layout is horrible. Right now just looks like a tiny cramped house with an inflated price tag….realtor needs to get their act together.

  • DDDD

    Actually the owner is the agent…


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